• “Desperate people – people with throbbing problems, pressing issues, and insane drives – buy on impulse. Desperate people buy on impulse because they’re in an emotionally charged state-of-mind or state-of-being and they want to get out of it.”
    This is some great analysis and it surely works in this manner. Thanks Melanie.

    Kevin Rudd

    • Hi Kevin — nice to meet you!

      Glad you found some value in this post and thanks for knocking on my door today!

      Alexis Dawes knows what she’s talking about — that’s for sure. I’ve read tons of e-books and hers is the best and most inclusive on the subject of reaching desperate buyers. 🙂

      Come back any time,

  • Great tips.Thanks for your sharing.I have never heard about this.

    • Thanks, Haley!

      Glad you found some value in this post and I hope you’ll think about giving this e-book a read. Alexis really knows what she’s talking about!

      Appreciate the visit,

  • This is David. Hello to all. As I am new to the internet and blogging in particular,I have a lot to sort out and to learn. Thankfully, bloggers are some of the classiest and most informative people anywhere. I need all of the information I can get and this post helps a whole lot. Thank You for posting this. I am determined to hang in there because I believe in the process.

    • Howdy, David — nice to meet you!

      Blogging can be a little challenging at first but hang in there. It’s my all-time favorite social media platform and it can be tons of fun!

      I know starting out can feel a bit overwhelming and somewhat confusing. Been there. Done that.

      So …

      Let me see what I can do to help you jump start your blogging journey.

      Here’s a fabulous free resource for you to get the ball rolling in a big way:

      Get The Best Out Of Your Blog

      Enjoy and then get out there and rock your blog!

  • Very excellent point Melanie! You do a great job here of differentiating between things that can wait and things we MUST have or do right now.

    • Columbia! So excited to see you here — thanks for knocking on my door today. 🙂

      Allow me, please, to take this point of reaching desperate buyers one step further …

      I am NOT a big fan of using “urgency” tactics in marketing. I really dislike offers that read “Buy this right now or the price is going to be ten times higher tomorrow!!”. Yuck. They may as well say “If you don’t buy this right now, you and/or your business are going to turn into pumpkins.” Phooey!

      However, there are very “urgent” problems people really do face and they’re looking for quick solutions. These folks are truly desperate! And they WANT to hear from you.

      As online and offline marketers, it’s smart to look for people whose problems you can solve and market your solutions to them.

      I loved reading Alexis’s e-book. And I’ve never seen anyone else tackle the subject of “how to” find desperate buyers like she has. It was well worth the time it took me to read all 174 pages. 🙂

      See you out and about in blogland and please stop by again,

  • Hi Melanie,
    Finding hungry buyers is a challenge of a lifetime. I wonder what tools do you use to find them?
    I’ve been tweaking keyword research etc. But still in early stages.

  • Hi ,

    Really an interesting post and it is certainly worth reading..
    Targeting desperate buyers is great idea and the trick you mentioned is really convincing! Thanks for the info..


    • Thanks, Navya, and it’s nice to meet you.

      Your review site looks really interesting — I’d love to know what you think about all the different night creams. There are SO many choices and some of them are outrageously priced and not worth the cost of the jar they come in! 🙁

      Take a peek around my blog — you just might bump into a post or two about promoting your blog and your brand. 🙂


  • Hi Melanie ,
    It is a very nice and interesting topic,Thanks for giving the useful tips of how to reach desperate buyers.

  • Hi Melanie,

    Thanks for the article. Focusing on urgent needs, problems or fears is a very efficient way to do business.

    However, I must say I don’t entirely agree with the following:
    ” How to plant tulip bulbs, how to polish your car, or how to craft your own Christmas ornaments, etc., aren’t “pressing” issues.”
    For many people they actually are. I would love to get some trusted quality instructions on how to polish my car, and I would be happy to pay for this information. It’s not because it’s not a “pressing” issue for yourself that it can’t be for someone else. People worry about different things.


    • Good point, Wim, and thanks for the visit!

      Yes! People may be looking for information such as how to polish a car and would be more than willing to pay for it. But it’s most likely not an issue that keeps them awake at night or has them pacing the floor worrying how they’re going to get this problem solved. It’s an important issue but not necessarily urgent.

      On the other hand, someone with a toothache and no dental insurance has a pressing issue with a big sense of urgency attached.

      Appreciate your input!

  • Hello Christie! Thanks for knocking on my door. 🙂

    You’re 100% right — you need to seek out people who have an immediate and urgent need for your products or services.

    In my mind, I always equate a desperate buyer with someone who has an unbearable toothache in the middle of the night, can’t fall asleep, and has an early morning speaking engagement.

    Loved your post about the “Three Little Niches”!

  • That really is an important point! We spend so much time finding products that will be profitable to sell as affiliates, or topics that are popular or not too competitive, but the main thing we need is those desperate buyers! 🙂

  • Hey Stacey! Thanks for swinging by. I know we just met recently, thanks to Theresa Bradley-Banta. Isn’t she a doll?!

    And I really hope you will give ‘Desperate Buyers’ a read. If you knew me a little better, you’d realize I RARELY promote anything on my blog. But I felt so strongly about everything Alexis had to say and share in her e-book and I’ve truly never read anything else like it since. My friend and copywriter extraordinaire, Cathy Goodwin, always recommends this book to her students. 🙂

    See you soon in the blogosphere!

  • I Melanie,
    I’m always looking for something to read that can help me learn everything I can about marketing and social media. I’ll definitely check out “Give me Desperate Buyers Only”. Thanks for the valuable info.

    Stacey -beginnerbusinesswoman

  • You just said a mouthful, Deb — and it’s sweetly flavored with “maple” syrup. 🙂 It doesn’t surprise me that your client was doing so well in his niche. I came across an online marketer very recently who was making sales like crazy by selling a 4-minute remedy to relieve migraine headaches. Since I’ve been a migraine sufferer for most of my life, I can certainly understand how her product has been so successful!

  • Hi Melanie,

    Thanks for the tip about the ebook. How can I resist such a glowing testimonial!

    I must add that years ago I had someone contact me (as a potential client) that sold nothing more than information about maple trees. He was doing quite well online, too. It’s so true that what we might think is “ordinary” can really be “extraordinary” to someone else.

    Great post!

  • Happy 2011, Jeff!

    You’ve highlighted an EXTREMELY important point.

    Just because someone loves “mowing the lawn”, let’s say, doesn’t mean there’s a hungry market of buyers looking desperately for tips on how to mow the lawn.

  • Jeff Wise

    It makes a lot of sense what you said about certain niches don’t bring hungry buyers sometimes even if you are an expert and sell great products.

    This is definitely something that should be tested when looking into a new niche.

    Happy New Year Melanie!

  • Thanks for the recommendation, i will look into it.

    I’ve probably missed saying merry Christmas to you and another Christmas has passed.

    But we still have new year to look too, so happy new year Melanie!

    • Happy New Year back at ya, Peter! You are an inspiration to young adult entrepreneurs (and us old fogies, too). 🙂 I hope 2011 will be a healthy, happy, and prosperous year for you.

      Check out “Give Me Desperate Buyers Only” — Alexis Dawes has the RIGHT idea. And it’s very interesting to me that’s she’s super successful even though she doesn’t do the traditional forms of marketing like blogging or article writing. She’s found a way that works much faster and easier for her.

  • Hi Melanie,
    Is this the final look? It’s beautiful! And I notice that your posts are longer, but such a great read. It’s interesting how one English word can have various connotations and this definition puts “desperate” in a new light. We want those “desperate” people who need the information we research and offer. Thanks for an informative post.

    • Hi Yvonne! Thanks for your feedback and I’ll tell you a little secret. My posts aren’t really longer — switching to a 3-column layout just makes them look that way. :))))

      As far as reaching desperate buyers, you’re right. We need to target an audience that’s highly anxious to get their hands on our products, programs, and services.

      Wishing you a WONDERFUL New Year!

  • Good timely point, Sheila!

    I live directly across the street from a major bigtime shopping mall. Since this past weekend, I’ve witnessed a whole lot of “desperation” going on! 🙂

    May all your holiday wishes come true — Love you!

  • Thank you, Dennis, for sharing this one-of-a-kind resource with people who can benefit. And “laid back” would definitely describe my writing style. 🙂

    Tis the Season to spread good wishes. So I’m wishing you continued and tremendous success in 2011 – Your blog rocks!

  • Melanie,

    This time of year is a perfect example of how desperate buyers will act. The stores are full of them. It is a formula that works and works well.

    It looks like Alexis gives a lot of bang for your buck!

  • There’s definitely some things to consider here, Melanie. I love the laid back voice in your posts. I’ll share this with a friend who would surely benefit. Happy Holidays!

  • Hey Miz Martha — great to see you here! Glad I could introduce you and Angie to something new (and unbelievably awesome).

    And I’m SO happy you like my new look here. 🙂

  • I’ve never heard of this one either. Thanks for the tip! BTW, LOVE your new header and blog layout. Sweeeeeet 🙂

  • Angie, this one is really unique. Alexis Dawes gets right to the crux of writing sales copy (that sizzles!) and specifically how to find a hungry market to target.

    If you’re at all like me, you’ve read TONS of e-books, white papers, short reports, and anything else you can get your hands on to improve your sales. Well …

    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet till you read this one! 🙂

  • Thanks for the recommendation, Melanie. This is one I hadn’t heard of before.

  • Hey Evelyn — Merry Christmas!

    Thanks for stopping by today. 🙂

  • Great tip – thanks for this, Melanie and Happy Holidays!