How to Radiate Moxie with a Mini Blog Makeover

Don’t know what “moxie” is?

Well, believe me, you want it!

And more importantly, your blog needs it.

If you intend to build community and grow a network of loyal readers (that’s what you’re shooting for, right?), then you need to muster up as much moxie as you can.

Allow me to pique your curiosity by sharing a couple of hints. It’s a lot more fun than delivering up some boring old dictionary version.

Hint #1: Have you ever found yourself stuck on a blog looking high and low for the blog owner’s name?  Searched every page, clicked every tab, and it’s nowhere to be found? That’s a blog without moxie.

Hint #2: Ever have to scroll WAY down to the bottom of the page to locate an opt-in box?  That’s another blog minus moxie.

Hint #3: Had the desire to follow a blog owner on Twitter or Facebook and can’t find one blinking social media button anywhere?  That’s a blog that’s seriously lacking moxie.

Right about now you’ve probably come up with your own definition.

But humor me and let me sprinkle around a few more hints.

Synonyms for moxie:  Chops; Expertise; Know-how; Experience; Proficiency; Savvy; Skills

Here’s how to radiate moxie on your blog:

1. Make sure readers can find your name as soon as they land on your blog.  If not, they’ll become suspicious and wonder why you’re hiding (or what you’re hiding).

2. Include a photo of yourself somewhere on your blog. At a minimum, have one on your “about me” page.

3. Clearly display social media icons or links to venues like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.  You can’t expect people to patiently visit each network to hunt you down.  Value people’s time and make it easy for them to connect with you away from your blog.

4. If you’re using an opt-in box as a means of subscribing to your posts or as a place to sign up for a freebie offer, place it where people can see it! Most copywriting experts will tell you to position it above the fold (from the middle to the top of the page).  And be sure to have your opt-in box on EVERY page.

5. Include interesting or unique graphics with your posts.  Statistics show that 90% of adults are visual learners and prefer to read posts with graphics versus those without.

6. Don’t use a teeny-weeny font or some super fancy, frilly font that no one’s eyes on earth can focus on.  You want visitors to read your posts and come back for more, right?  And I’m begging you not to use light-colored text on a black background.  If people are squinting to read each word or all the text blends together and looks like oatmeal, you’ve just lost points in the loyal readership department.

7. Never, ever, ever use all capital letters or a gazillion exclamation marks in your posts.  In either case, you’ll look like you’re screaming out your messages and no one appreciates a bullhorn in their face.  If you want to stress a point – use italics, underlining, highlighting, or bold text instead.

Now that you know the importance of radiating moxie …

Is your blog in need of a mini makeover?

  • Note to self: always a good idea to proofread for typos and misspellings.

  • Hey! What’s wrong with a gazillion exclamation points?!?!?!?!?! 🙂

    I love these tips and something to remember while I’m on the hunt for a decent WordPress Theme that allows me to implement all that stuff without having to know a buck of code.

    PS…love the graphic.

    • LOL! Thanks for the giggles, Ken. We all need more of those – especially when we’re on the hunt for a new blog theme. 🙂 If you’re anything like me, be prepared to spend weeks trying to find one you like!

  • Moxie- What a great word.

    And what a great way to explain what it takes to really make a blog and blog writer shine.

    • You said it, Sheila! And your blog’s got moxie galore! 🙂

  • Hi Melanie,

    I love this post! You certainly have a lot of moxie and it shows well through your blog. I’m glad to say that my blog also shows moxie according to your points above. Yeah! Never thought of it that way before.

    Unfortunately, making the rounds to lots of blogs on a regular basis, I’ve seen a lot of them that lack moxie. Hopefully they’ll read your post and decide to do a mini (or major) makeover.

    Best Wishes. 😉

    • You shine, Deb!

      Your blog is OOZING with moxie. 🙂

      But I hear ya. I’ve landed on some blogs recently (which prompted me to write this article) where I can’t even figure out who the heck the author is. Sheesh. And it sounds like you’ve landed there, too. Hoping you’ll pass this post around …

      … and Thanks!

  • angelareinholz

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  • Great tips in a friendly list. Perfect. I like the fact that your tips seem achieveable for anyone. Moxie? Give me more. 🙂

    • Want more moxie, Mary Ellen?! Have some fun and go grab as much as your heart desires. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting today and stop by any old time.

  • Thanks for sharing that post. I am going to look at my blog and see what I can improve on. I know my needs improving and this post was just what I need

    • That’s the spirit, Nicola!

      I like a gal with an open mind and a willingness to grab her toolbox and do some remodeling. 🙂

      Now get busy and grab your fair share of moxie!