Highly Successful Woman Entrepreneur Shops At The Goodwill



I love a good bargain, don’t you?

Some of my favorite places to visit are thrift stores, consignment shops, tag sales, flea markets, garage sales, and swap meets.

Let’s just say I’m a big advocate of “barely worn”, “nearly new”, and “gently used”.

Some of the most beautiful pieces of clothing and household items I treasure are hand-me-downs from friends and family and those purchased at exceptional mark-downs from thrift shops.

The successful woman entrepreneur I’m about to introduce always looks polished and professional and she doesn’t create her look by paying retail for her wardrobe.

High-end shops with valet parking are NOT her style.

She’s got a much better and smarter idea for dressing for success …

Many of her beautiful pieces of clothing were purchased at the Goodwill at unbelievable prices.  A designer silk blouse at $6.99?  Try finding that kind of deal in a major department store!

Watch this short video clip to see what I’m talking about …




Lorie Marrero is Goodwill’s national spokesperson and ambassador of the Donate Movement — which helps support local communitities and the environment with donations of gently used household items.

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Over to you …

  • Do you shop for discounts?
  • Where do you find the best bargains?
  • Is your business being managed on a shoestring budget?
  • Have you ever shopped at the Goodwill?


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  • I am a book lover as well, and get most of my books at the local library. Takes up less space! Now that you can also read library books on the Kindle, I am seriously considering getting a Kindle touch.

    It also comes in handy for all those eBooks I have sitting on my computer. I think it would be much easier to read them on a Kindle rather than the computer. Special reports I can read on the computer, but anything over 20 pages, forget about it.

    By the way, my favorite place to shop for children’s clothes is my local consignment store. They only take stuff in perfect condition and that way I can recycle their clothes as well. They grow faster than they use up their clothes, so I love the way it works out.

    • Hi Daphne,

      REALLY happy you mentioned shopping for children’s clothing.

      As a single mum, buying clothing for four daughters on a shoestring budget was a heck of a challenge. I’m like you … I LOVE the consignment shops! Just like the one near you, the shops in my community only accept items in excellent condition.

      Win-Win for kids and moms!

      To me, thrift stores like the Goodwill and consignment shops are a BIG blessing. 🙂


  • Anna

    I am so glad that I am not the only one “highlighter”, I even put some colorful sheets to be more organized!! But come on let’s be honest – organization save us a lot of time later on:)

    • I hear ya, Anna!

      There are SO many wonderful organizational tools at our disposal these days which we really should take advantage of.

      I’m actually an organizational nut!

      Luckily, I’m not a book “hoarder”. My collection of books is very small. The only ones I don’t give away to friends or donate to charity (or the library) are special gift books and autographed copies.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Hi Mel and Lorie
    My house is ram jam full of books, I love them.
    Perhaps I shoukd say…

    My name is Keith Davis and I am a bookaholic.

    Looks as though I’ve taken the first step.

    You are right Lorie, books need to be cleared out now and then – good advice.

    BTW – loved the video.

    • With everyone reading books on the Kindle and the Nook these days …

      I’m almost embarrassed to admit I don’t own either device — I prefer the real thing! Holding an e-reader in your hands is just not the same tactile experience as turning the actual pages.

      I understand the “convenience” and all the other features of e-readers, but I happen to love books more than electronics. 🙂

      Glad you stopped by, Keith. Lorie Marrero is an organizational expert I’ve enjoyed following for the past couple of years. She puts together some pretty cool video tips and I love her obvious sense of humor.

      • Hi Mel

        “I’m almost embarrassed to admit I don’t own either device — I prefer the real thing! Holding an e-reader in your hands is just not the same tactile experience as turning the actual pages.”


        My books are covered in yellow highlighter for easy reference – try doing that on a Kindle.

        • Hi Keith

          Reassuring to know I’m not the only book-reading “highlighter”.

          I’m reading a fantastic book right now by Mark Hughes entitled, “Buzzmarketing” — lots to highlight in this one! I read a great deal on the subject of marketing and I’d have to say, to date, this is the very BEST marketing book on my shelf.

          Read on! (with a real book in your hands)

          • Hi Mel
            “Reassuring to know I’m not the only book-reading “highlighter”.”
            Absolutely not.

            Some of my books are so densely highlighted, it’s the non highlighted sections that stand out. LOL

            Enjoy your book.