• Hi Mel,

    I love this! You’re so right. Not only do people want to hear about what we do (or have done) well, but it is good for the soul to toot your own horn from time to time. YOU can easily brag about how you are always doing what you can to uplift people that visit your blog (like asking us to brag today). You’re entertaining, witty, charming and so generous with support and encouragement. All things you can brag about, too!

    Something I’ve been doing lately that my clients have been loving is creating video tutorials in response to their specific questions regarding their sites. For the “how do I…” questions about their blog or WordPress site. They have been delighted with the results. Much better than the usual step-by-step instruction in an email that I had been sending… and it really ends up taking less time.

    Win, win!


    • So glad you enjoyed this one, Deb!

      I’m smiling to see you here!

      Your idea to do video tutorials in answer to your clients’ questions is killer!! I know I always find value in watching someone explain something to me via video. Way to go!

      You nailed it with this …

      “Not only do people want to hear about what we do (or have done) well, but it is good for the soul to toot your own horn from time to time”



  • Hi Melanie,

    Thanks for inviting me to the party! You know, Tia Peterson wrote a post last year about how businesses should not be so shy about sharing their accomplishments — debunking the myth put forth by some online gurus that you shouldn’t talk about yourself … I totally agreed with her. Now, here you are taking that notion to a whole new level! 🙂

    I think I’m most proud of making new friends online and getting on the radars of a few respected bloggers in such a way that they wrote something about me or mentioned my site to their own precious audiences. A few of those include Hesham of FamousBloggers.net who featured my site in his post on 10 Top CommentLuv Blogs, Gail Gardner who mentioned me as an “ethical blogger” on GrowMap.com and Mitch Mitchell who named me as one of his 21 African Americans Social Media Influencers. And because I like to write, I was doubly pleased when Sharon Hurley Hall (who gets paid to write online) mentioned me as one who influencers her!

    And of course, the fact that you personally invited me over here today is priceless!

    • Biz Chick Blogs rules, Vernessa!

      So thanks for mentioning Tia. I love everything about her.

      You are certainly making a name for yourself in the ever lovin’ blogosphere — well deserved! 🙂

      Accolades and kudos go a long way on the internet — not only for bloggers but for small biz owners and online marketers, as well.

      Nothing tops third party validation!

      My (copywriting genius) friend, Cathy Goodwin, swayed my thinking on bragging a couple of years ago. Her expert “take” on the subject really made me stop in my tracks and develop a whole new mindset — a much healthier, wiser, and vibrant mindset.

      There’s no question about it — your potential paying clients and customers want and need to know they’re making the right decision in choosing to do business with you.

      Having Tia, Hesham, Mitch, Grow Map, and Sharon singing your praises is fabbytastic, Vernessa!!

      Thanks for accepting my invitation to swing by and do some bragging.

      Brag On! 🙂


  • There is a difference between bragging and telling people what you have done, especially if you can get testimonials. I still believe that when I have a need, my teacher, mentor or coach appears. I then have to choose who I will follow.
    Testimonial – I have watched Melanie grow and develop for a year now. She have provided me amazing and useful information especially around Twitter. And what is so great about Melanie is she answers my questions and then uses my questions to post a blog for others to learn.

    • Thank you, Roberta — you’re a sweetheart!

      Although we shouldn’t feel awkward or embarrassed about tooting our own horns …

      Nothing beats someone else singing our praises! It does wonders to boost our credibility … and it certainly feels wonderful, too. 🙂

      I’m glad you’re here today helping to fill The Brag Bag. And I know exactly what you mean about a teacher, mentor, or coach showing up when we need them. It seems to happen auto-magically!

  • I found my brand in 2011.

    I found that, since our time is restricted, since I want to make some money, and since we humans really tend to perform best in what we most love doing,

    I should concentrate on the 2-3 things I do best, develop them, perfect them, and offer the sparkles of my imagination, my loyalty and my passion to doing these consistently for the next months, perhaps years.

    I found what those things are. Soon to be with you… 😉

    Have a wonderful 2012.

    • Hi Helenee

      It’s NEVER too late to discover what makes you tick and then dig your heels in and shoot for the moon! 🙂

      Sounds like you’re beaming all over the place and ready to stick to a new business plan and goals for 2012.

      Happy New Year back at ya!

  • Hey Melanie,

    Really,… they want us to brag? Man, all this while I kept telling them how miserable I was and how I so needed that job 😉

    Yes, it holds true for every one. They do want to hear your sob stories but ONLY if you make yourself sound like a real hero at the end of it all. Like… drag, drag, drag I was such a bore, but then suddenly I did this and I realized this would work and yayyy..happy eneding, they want to know how you are hero! So brag on! 🙂

    • Hello Hajra!

      Before I forget …

      How’s everything going with the blogging contest? I’m rooting for you! You chose a great topic as your contest entry. 🙂

      About “bragging” …

      You’ll know you’ve hit pay dirt when someone else starts bragging about you! 😉

      (Give Marcia’s comment a read here and you’ll know exactly what I’m referring to)

      Thanks for knocking on my door today!

  • Melanie, you always have such fabulous ideas — I love this one!

    I think you’ll like this story, at least it tickles me: Last summer I coached illustrator Cedric Hohnstadt, an ultra talented guy with clients like Hasbro, Disney, and Cartoon Network. To thank me and to give his followers a peek behind the scenes, he wrote a blog post about the experience (cedricstudio.com/business-coach).

    This post, written in December, had not been up for two weeks before I gained a new client as a direct result of what Cedric had done. The new client, while hunting for a business coach, was distrustful of what people say on their own sites, so she started her search on Twitter, and ended up at Cedric’s blog. It was his words, not mine, that swayed her to hire me.

    Bragging rights = obvious pride for my work with Cedric, but also pride in him as a client for being so gracious and practicing what he learned. And pride in my new client for being so smart and resourceful! AND big time awe in the power of social media, huh?

    Love you, Mel!

    • Hi Marcia

      “It was his words, not mine, that swayed her to hire me.”

      Come on Marcia – this is a bragginbg bag post, go for it. LOL

      And don’t forget… there is a cash prize for the best bragger.

      BTW – not seen you for ages – what have you been up to?

      • Hi Keith,

        I’m bragging that he wrote the post and it immediately got me a client. Hmm, not braggy enough? How about this:

        In 2011:
        1.) I doubled my income
        2.) I had a camp scholarship named after me for my 11 years as Board Chairman of Diabetes Youth Services in Toledo, Ohio
        3.) I got into serious negotiations with a book publisher for my first book — the deal should be done within 2 weeks

        What have I been up to? All of the above and then some. But I miss the conversation so I must vow to peek in more.


        • That’s more like it Marcia.

          Saul and I are now out of the running for the best bragger cash prize.

          Look forward to seeing more of you… so to speak.

          • So, Keith, how much is the cash prize? Enough for us all to fly to the UK?

          • Oh yes.
            Well… part of the way.

            No point coming to the UK or europe at the moment – the whole of europe is closed.

        • WOW-WEE!!

          Now that’s some mighty fine bragging, Marcia! Kudos to you!

          Your first book, you say??
          Please keep me in the loop.
          Not only will I want to grab a copy and devour it, I’m sure I’ll want to promote the heck out of it, too!

          I don’t even need to see a rough draft, a first draft, or any draft. I know your book is going to be a winner … and a hell of a good read!

          (Any chance you’ll consider signing me up as an affiliate?) 😉

          It’s a shame the whole of Europe is closed at the moment. I would have loved to have made the trip with you … just to see Keith’s face when we surprise him with a knock at his door. LOL

          • Hi Mel,
            Shhhh, I really shouldn’t be telling anyone, so keep it under your hat, huh? It’s not a done deal just yet. It took that old Keith to jostle it out of me.

            I’m just wondering if it’s Keith himself who’s putting up the large cash prize he’s talking about — we’ll just have to go visit when Europe opens up again. 🙂

          • Mum’s the word, Marcia!

            ” … It took that old Keith to jostle it out of me.”

            He’s a darn good jostler, isn’t he?! 😉

            I hope it’s Keith who’s putting up the cash prize here … because it sure isn’t ME! LOL

    • Can you see me grinning from ear to ear, Marcia?!

      I’m totally jazzed to see you here and thanks for joining the conversation. 🙂

      Looks like you and Keith have been enjoying yourselves in my absence. In the future, please don’t start the party without me, okay? LOL!!

      What a magnificent story you’ve shared! You are living, breathing proof that “bragging” is a good thing. Your experience is an ideal example of the message I set out to convey.

      You had me at …

      “I gained a new client as a direct result of what Cedric had done.”

      BINGO! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!


      • I know! That’s the part I thought was cool — and it happened so soon after he posted. Very neat.

        • That was SUPER neat, Marcia!

          Isn’t it a truly wonderful feeling when you don’t even have to “ask” your happy clients to share their experiences in working with you? They just do it because they can’t help but spread the word. They simply have the genuine desire to “brag” about you. 🙂

          I love a happy ending!

    • Hey Marcia — Cedric wrote a beautifully transparent testimonial post! Paragraph by paragraph, it was crystal clear he received a HUGE return on his investment in hiring you as his business coach.

      Well, had he notified me first before hiring you …

      I would have assured him he was going to be in the BEST of hands. 🙂

      Passed the post along to my Facebook friends and followers.

    SO….You want me to BRAG about myself….WELL HERE IT IS

    My children’s book was recently named as a finalist in the
    2011 SMART WRIT BOOK AWARDS [it ultimately won 3rd place]
    The contest is administered by Smart Book Lovers [MENSA]

    The book is available on Amazon.com

    It is also available on http://www.createspace/3447169
    Enter code P9QC34Q9 for a 10% discount until February 15, 2012

    • Eh Saul
      Nice one and well bragged.

      Note to Mel – you will have to pick out the best bragger from the comments.

      • Great idea, Keith!

        So far, you and Saul are running neck and neck in the competition. LOL

        • No no – Saul is way ahead.

          I had to pay someone to write mine.

          Only a fiver so can’t complain. LOL

          • LOL! There’s not another soul on this earth like you, Keith.

            Glad you’re only out a few bucks. 😉

          • I must admit – i did smile when I wrote that.
            Nearly 7 pm in the UK.
            Time for a pick me up I think.

          • Have one for me, Keith! 🙂

          • The thimble is full to the brim for you Mel.

            Thank goodness for the good old “Meniscus.”

            You see, I do remember my O level physics.

    • I can see you’re not the bashful type, Saul. LOL

      Good for you!

      Hope your book sales soar this year!

  • Hi Mel
    Another brilliant idea for a post, bragging!

    And as a Yorkshireman… nobody brags better.

    Just one thing?
    Not easy for a guy with my talents, but here goes…

    I taught myself html, CSS and SEO from a couple of books.
    Redesigned my Speakers Club website and got them to the top of the SERPS for “Public Speaking Solihull.”

    I’m proud of that.

    No mor bragging this year, I’m from the UK. LOL

    • Hi Keith

      Well, I’m shocked! In all this time I’ve known you, I would have never guessed you had one little bragging bone in your body. LOL

      What you’ve accomplished is no small feat and I, for one, am exceedingly proud of you. You deserve to brag up a storm!

      Thanks for helping me fill The Brag Bag,