Have You Been Online For Six Months Or More?

I want to let you know about something special from my colleagues, Dr. Jeanette Cates and Connie Ragen Green. They are holding a hands-on workshop in January, and I know you will be interested in finding out how you can attend.

The event is called the Online Revenue Workshop, and it is different from anything you’ve heard of before. For two and a half days you will be a part of a select group of people who want to learn the winning combination of strategies necessary to achieve the success you want in your internet  business.

The workshop will be held in Las Vegas from January 22 through January 24. The location is the only hotel in Las Vegas that offers wireless internet in all of the public areas, including the meeting room, allowing you to implement what you learn immediately!


* choose a niche that serves the group and the message you want to share

* craft a story to connect with your target audience

* use marketing in the most effective ways for your business

* develop the right mindset for success, so that you can build a business based on your passion and interests

If you have been online for six months or more and are still not making the money you would like to be earning, the Online Revenue Workshop is for you.