• This is truly a very reflective quote. I will definitely be adding this to my “daily review” 🙂

    So should I be calling you quote-a-licious now 😉

    • Yes! By all means, Kesha, you can call me a quote-a-licious!

      And, besides …

      It sounds a whole lot better than “junkie”. LOL!!

      Melanie 🙂

  • Hi Melanie

    Such a special article!

    I am a business training consultant in Johannesburg, South Africa, and although I see the absolute rewards (both human and financial) in what your article suggests, I find that often we are confronted with the question, when trying to sell into companies: “So how many $’s, exactly, will my business make/save if I get my people to take stock of the successes of yesterday?” We can bamboozle with bulls*#t but I always need to show a distict correlation between ‘happy people’ and ‘happy bottom line”.
    Do you have a magic formula for this?
    Best wishes and keep up the good work
    Greg Faasen

  • Did you add value to the lives of others? Did you do anything yesterday you would deem “noteworthy”?

    “Yesterday” was Father’s Day. Somehow I’d almost forgotten (shame, shame!). My dad is gone, both grandpops, too . . . When I remembered (ok, when I was reminded), I thought about the closest “fathers” in my life. They are my sons-in-law. About a year ago, I’d interviewed them both for a BlogTalkRadio show. So I resurrected those audio interviews, put a Father’s Day spin on them, and created a Tribute to my favorite fathers.

    That was yesterday. (Happily, they were thrilled.) 🙂

    • It doesn’t get more noteworthy than that, Vernessa!

      Very cool and clever idea to resurrect those interviews.

      What a fab mother-in-law you are! I’m sure your sons-in-law think the world of you. 🙂

      Both my grandfathers are gone, too. And my dad passed away twenty-eight years ago at the young age of 63.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts,

      • Like all good sons-in-law, they probably think I stick my nose in their family’s business a bit more than I ought, but they forgive me. 🙂

        My pop was just one year older than your’s when he left us. It’s nice to have fond memories of those who have gone on.

        Thanks for reminding us to spend a little time reflecting, Melanie. Have a great Tuesday!

        • Vernessa,

          I have one son-in-law so far and he’s a gem. I couldn’t have hand-picked a better partner for my daughter.

          I think he wishes I’d get involved in their family business a lot more than I do. What can I say? He loves me. 🙂

          But I tend to lean toward the other end of the spectrum. I don’t stick my nose into their business unless they ask me to. And anyway, I’ve got enough of my own stuff to deal with! Being a single mom isn’t exactly “peachy”. 🙂

          Thanks for coming back over,

  • Melanie,
    It’s always such a pleasure to connect with you – whether we’re doing an interview or just having a chat. I was so happy to feature you on the blog – I just knew you would inspire my community. You’ve been such an inspiration to me since I came online and such a friend. Sending love and hugs your way.
    Heather xx

    • Hi Heather!

      So pleased you stopped by – thanks. 🙂

      If anyone wants to learn how collaboration and cross promotions are done RIGHT, they need to visit “Mum’s Got A Business”. Your blog is a shining example of how we can support one another in a big way.

      I had a blast taking the seat of honor on your blog and SO many wonderful people came by to say hello and post a comment. It doesn’t get any better than that!


  • Here’s the way I see it, Derek …

    Since you’re fascinated with internet marketing (lovely to have you in my world) and you’re really enjoying the training — then that’s definitely something worth mentioning!

    Your “yesterday events” fall under the category of “taking good care of yourself”. You were feeding your brain. 🙂

    Love your quote!

  • Hi Melanie,
    Great post. Made me stop and think for a moment.
    OK, yesterday, all day learning about Internet Marketing. I don’t know for sure if the time could have been spent better, but currently I’m fascinated by this stuff, so not too many things can compete. And, I don’t have a dog… ouch!:)
    Thank you for your post and for a moment of reflection.
    I’m a quote junkie myself: Ad hoc quote I just made up: Wear Your Yesterday’s Scars Proudly!

  • The quote is a great way of affirming what you learned. Every day is about learning. Connecting with a wonderful lady who will be nominated for one of the NZ awards at the Global Women’s Summit was a highlight of my day.
    We need to live in today and plan for tomorrow but learn from yesterday – Bravo!

    • You’ve unearthed the meaning and depth behind this quote, Roberta!

      It’s all about looking back at what you’ve learned — possibly by what you’ve done or haven’t done — or by what you’ve contributed or experienced — or not.

      Sounds like you had a fabulous time in New Zealand meeting a nominee who’s up for a super special award. Now that’s worth mentioning! 🙂

      Really great to see you here,

  • That’s a profound thought. Very noteworthy.

    • “Stories a la mode” — what a scrumptious name for a blog!

      Nice to meet you, Barbara, and I’m glad you enjoyed the quote I shared. I understand you have a novel in the works. That’s awesome and congratulations!

      I’m one who believes everyone has a book inside of them — just waiting for the right moment to escape. 🙂

      Hope you’ll travel back this way again,

  • Melanie:

    You hit it on the head! I have recently become more conscious of how I spend my days; who I spend them with and why I do what I do.

    I realized that I need balance and boundaries along with some consistent exercise. I can’t believe how productive I am and how good I feel because I am taking care of me!

    As usual a stellar post, thank you.

    • Hi Maureen – it’s really wonderful to see you here.

      Boy, have you said a mouthful!

      “Balance and boundaries” — that pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it? And I’m ecstatic to hear about how good you’re feeling about taking care of YOU. I’ve just got to jump on that bandwagon with you!

      And I think a great place for me to start is by heading over to your blog and reading “10 Foods That Help You Lose Weight and Leave You Feeling Frisky”. Really like that “frisky” part. 🙂

      See you there,

  • Wow, what a great reminder! I need to put that quote up on my bulletin board. 🙂

    • Hi Michelle,

      I don’t have a bulletin board but this one is on a piece of beautifully-designed card stock and taped to the bottom of my monitor.

      All in all, it serves to give us a little poke in the ribs and take into account our blessings and how we can bless others.

      Oooh … I see your post is about “mochas”. Gotta go and catch that one! 🙂

      Always a joy to see you here,

  • Melanie, you always have such inspiring and positive things to say. I don’t know too many that I can honestly say that have a truer heart than you.

    I love the quote you chose. It really represents the kind of person I would like to live up to. And that means taking care of myself, my family, friends, business and to enjoy it all.

    Thank you for your wonderful reminder with such a heart felt passion!

    • You’re quite welcome for the reminder, Lynn, but if the truth be told …

      I needed this reminder big time! And I’ll go so far as to say I’ll be taking stock of my days a lot differently in the future and re-vamping my priorities, as well.

      We only get one chance to go around in life (rumor has it) so we truly need to make the best of it — not only for ourselves — but for those who hold the deepest meaning in our lives.

      Thanks so much for your kind remarks,

  • Awesome Melanie! I think we can all find one significant thing at the end of every day and it is so great for our own self-worth and self-awareness to acknowledge it. As for me, it’s a holiday weekend so being with my family is always significant. Contributing to the overall good-will in my family was my “thing” for yesterday. Thanks for asking!

    • You really “nailed it’ with this, Martha …

      “It is so great for our own self-worth and self-awareness.” Toooo true!

      Thanks for swinging by and I’m happy to hear you’ve enjoyed spending some time with your family over the holiday weekend. Family time is definitely noteworthy!

      And “family” doesn’t always mean blood relatives. 🙂

      Love ya,

  • Hi Melanie,

    Since reading that interview, that quote has stuck with me. Now, I go about thinking if what I am doing today will be noteworthy for me when I reflect back. It’s really shown me what I value the most and helping me prioritize.

    Thanks so much and you know how much I admire you 🙂

    All the best,

    • Thank you, Diana — sincerely appreciate your kindness! 🙂

  • Hi Melanie,

    Good thing I did something noteworthy yesterday because otherwise, I wouldn’t have posted a comment here.lol I went home yesterday to visit my family and brought some school supplies for my youngest sister. For me that was a big deal already because I only get to visit them once or twice a month. Now with your quote, I feel challenged and obliged to do something noteworthy everyday. 🙂

    • A pleasure to meet you, Calli!

      I think it’s really sweet that you helped your youngest sister by making sure she had the school supplies she needs. I’m sure she loves her big sis!

      I felt the same way when I first read Coleman Cox’s quote — actually, I felt a twinge of guilt. Like you, his words have nudged me to look a closer and a little harder at “how” I’m filling my days. 🙂

      Thanks for the visit and please stop by again,

  • I agree with Gina, when it comes to your interview on Heathers blog.

    This post reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

    “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

    Albert Einstein

    • Hi Sheila!

      Einstein’s quote and Cox’s quote would DEFINITELY make a beautiful pair of book ends. 🙂

      I immediately see the connection between the two.

      Thank you so much for sharing this with us and for taking in my interview on Heather’s blog. She’s got a wonderful thing going there by interviewing “Mumpreneurs” every Monday. Like you, she’s a fabulous role model for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

      Hope you’re wrapping up the holiday weekend with a little peace and quiet,

  • Great question, Melanie. It’s the one you need to answer BEFORE you make your ToDo list of the day to insure that you maintain perspective!

    • Love that thought, Roy, and I agree with you 100%!

      Always enjoy seeing you here,

  • Melanie, I loved your interview with Heather, You are some woman! Your words were so warm and confident, and I especially loved your favourite quote. I look forward to more of them. Gina xx

    • Fancy seeing you here, Gina!

      Thanks for stopping by and also for catching my interview on Mum’s Got A Business. Heather is a real sweetheart and one of the most gracious and generous online marketers I know. 🙂

      Everyone seemed to resonate with the quote, so I decided to share it here with all my wonderful readers. Glad you like it.

      Enjoy your day and come by anytime!