• Blogging (and writing in general) is a lot like exercise – kinda hard to get started, but once you get going and build momentum it becomes a seamless part of your daily routine.

    Welcome back, and looking forward to following you on your IM journey.

  • I am also glad to see you back, Melanie. As someone who has struggled to find my way, you offer a truly warm welcome. No judgment, just love.
    Thank you for ideas and inspiration in a world full of “buy this” mentality.
    I am slowly getting a blog ready to go and trying to repair a botched-up website which cost me more than money. Working on two gardening books. Trying to inspire writing students.
    You make so many of us feel strong enough to succeed!

    • Laura, you’ve touched my heart and I find myself at a loss for words. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts. 🙂

      I envy your spunk and your desire to inspire writing students. You’re working on TWO books?! From my perspective, that’s something to be applauded and commended. Give yourself a pat on the back and treat yourself to a sweet indulgence. You deserve it!

      Sometimes The Universe works in strange ways …
      Your visit is just what I needed.

      Wishing you all the joys in life,

    • P.S. I just clicked over, Laura, and put myself on your launch notification list. And I’m genuinely sorry to hear about your “botched up website” ordeal. I know it won’t do a blinking thing to console you … but you’re not alone. Many, many, many people have suffered through this same kind of miserably disappointing, time-consuming, and expensive NIGHTMARE.

      Hang in there …
      (Much) better days ahead. 🙂

  • What a great way to make a blogging comeback! Good to see you’re blogging again.

    • Happy to see you here, Penelope! Thanks so much for dropping in. 🙂

      As I like to say …
      Sometimes “life strikes”.
      And when that happens, blogging falls right to the very bottom of my priority list. But it’s awesome to be floating around in the blogosphere again, Penelope! 😉

  • This is such a cute way to let us know you’re back. Here’s a warm welcome to you:)

    • Thanks for that nice compliment, Fatima — I really enjoy writing poems. 🙂

  • So happy to have you back! Hope things are better! I missed you so very much!

    • I’ve missed you, immensely, Hajra!

      I’m slowing getting my blogging legs back and easing my way down the long corridors of the blogosphere. 😉

      Thank you very much for chiming in with the welcome back! I’ll see you over at We Blog Better soon. Kiesha probably thinks I’ve been abducted by aliens. LOL!

  • Hi Mel

    “My blogging legs are weak
    But my lyrics legs are strong”

    I couldn’t possibly comment on a ladies legs, but welcome back.

    • Truly GREAT to see you here, Keith.

      I’m very curious …
      If not the legs, is there another part of a lady’s body you could possibly comment on? LOL!

      Thanks for the welcome back. By the way, have you decided to switch easyP over to the Genesis framework?


      • Hi Mel

        The ankle… but if I’ve taken drink, all parts are off limits.
        Best to be safe.

        • Oh, Keith, a good giggle is the order of the day!

          I definitely subscribe to your philosophy …
          If I’ve taken drink, all of MY parts are off limits. 😉

          Right. Best to be safe.

          • I think so.

            Thanks for all the RT’s my cheque is in the post.

          • You’re very welcome for the Twitter love, Keith — I love your site, I love you, and I love getting those cheques in the post! 😉

          • Truth to tell Mel… the American Postal Service is not what it used to be.
            Don’t worry, those cheques will get there eventually.

          • I’ve got a better idea, Keith …

            How about if I stop by and collect? Seeing as how the U.S.P.S. isn’t what it used to be.

            I hear the UK is nice this time of year. 😉

          • Weather atrocious in UK at the moment, repeat weather….

            Two weeks and you guys vote.
            Media in UK saying that it’s very close.

          • Politics …
            A pain where a pill can’t reach.
            (In case you were wondering about my view on the upcoming election)

            Weather “atrocious” in the UK, Keith? No problem. I come from hearty stock.
            Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night … will keep me from collecting those cheques. 😉

  • Welcome back, beautiful!

    I knew you’d return with grHace 🙂

    Hugs 🙂


    Y’all know that I love to spit a few rhymes an’ uh…
    ya know I’m Russell Crowe wit’ a beautiful mind an’ uh..
    ya know postin’ in the scene’s controversial at times an’ uh…
    what you don’t know’s what let’s you color out da lines, yo.

    • Yo Jason! 🙂

      You are, unequivocally, …
      One. Of. A. Kind. (In a good way, of course) LOL!!

      Scooted over to your blog last night and read your “Faerie-Hippie-Shit … ” piece. People can put me down all they want but there’s a lot to be said (and to be discovered and to be learned) from all that “woo-woo” stuff. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your poetic talents by spitting out a rhyme here. *Grin*

      • My pleasure, Melanie, and I’m really glad you read it and got something from it — there IS a lot to be learned from it 🙂

        Rhymes so fine in this whole post, it seems 😀

  • Hi Melanie,

    Welcome back! You are worth the wait.

    • Ms. Brown, you’re a sweetheart!

      Thank you kindly, Flora. It’s great to be back and in the presence of delightful friends like you. 🙂

  • Glad to see you back, Melanie. With song and dance no less!
    I am sure we’ll hear all about it in future blogs?
    I missed you!

    • Ooh, Daphne … you’ve made my day!

      Thanks so much for clicking over to welcome me back (home). I’ve really missed you, my friend. 🙂

      I love the way your wheels turn and that undeniable instinctive nature of yours is to be admired. 😉

      Yes! I’ll be pinning up some posts soon related to “song and dance”. More specifically, marketing tips and strategies for those wonderfully creative and talented folks who have a passion for music.

  • Welcome back, Melanie! I was just thinking about you last week and wondering how you were doing. Nice to see you in my inbox again. 🙂

    • Oh, my goodness! Lis??!

      I feel like I haven’t connected with you in a coon’s age. I miss you!
      Thanks a heap for swinging by and I’m happy to be landing in your inbox again. 😉

  • Melanie we missed you,
    of course we’d never diss you.

    You’d never leave us high and dry
    unless you had a reason why

    Sometimes life has other plans
    and choices are taken out of our hands

    But I for one will give a cheer
    to see your smiling face again m’dear

    So welcome back from me to you
    I’m sure many others will say the same too

    🙂 J x

    • Jackie …

      You’re a GEM!! And a totally creative thinker! (Not a bad poet, either) LOL!

      I’m sure I’ve missed a message (or two) from you these past three+ months. My inbox looks like a war zone. 🙁 Suffice to say I’ve been by my daughter’s side throughout a lengthy and scary medical crisis. She’s on the mend now and things are looking up.

      I’m truly elated you dropped in to welcome me back.
      Thank you. (A smile that stretches from here to Australia!)

    • I just finished my comment, and now I see Jackie’s!

      Love timing like that — Totally feelin’ this 😉

      • Hey Jason — I think Jackie’s got some hidden talents up her sleeve. She’s been holding out on us. She spins a darn good rhyme. 😉

  • Welcome back, Melanie! 🙂

    • Thank you, Michelle!

      I’m sitting here smiling because you’re the first fellow blogger and fabulous mompreneur friend to welcome me back. 🙂

      Love you.