• Great information and well written even a complete newbie like me understood it keep up the good work

  • Hi Melanie, you are completely right. There are in the real world a lot of people that they do not know exactly how to profit from theri media efforts and convert into dollars and cent. I know that and I am, unfortunately in that group. I hope some day I will be in the other group. Thank so much for your efffort in help these people.

    • You’re welcome, Juan.

      And don’t worry. You’re not the only one.

      There’s a HUGE membership in the “I’m not making any money with social media” club. 🙂

      Seems that converting hours spent on social media into dollars is NOT as easy as some people would lead us to believe.

      Thanks for your comment — nice to see you here again!

  • that’s so right
    we should put the effort in the task that brings the highest ROI

  • This seems like a solid training program Melanie.

    Sometimes I feel like I’m going round in cycles with social media, without a very clear idea on where it is all leading to! Resources that can put everything together can sure be helpful.

    Thanks for sharing details on ‘From Platform to Profit”.

    • Thanks for dropping in to check this out, Hiten.

      I don’t generally blog about programs such as this.

      But any time Denise Wakeman is involved in the creation and presentation of a program surrounding online visibility and the use of social media …

      I’ll be blogging my little heart out to promote it! 🙂

      I believe MANY online marketers, coaches, and consultants are unclear about exactly how to turn their social media efforts into dollars and cents. It’s time to get some answers.

      Hope you have a magnificent weekend!

  • Sounds fabulous Mel

    “People are spending hours and hours on Facebook and Twitter…”
    If we counted the hours we spend on social media and then look at the return per hour… maybe it is easier to go to work.

    Are you involved with the course or are you just spreading the word?

    Either way, I hope all goes well.

    • Hi Keith (My Pinterest Pal)

      “If we counted the hours we spend on social media and then look at the return per hour… maybe it is easier to go to work.”


      Too many of us have turned our social media efforts into an 8-hour-a-day “job” — a tiring job with NO salary, NO fringe benefits, and certainly NO retirement plan.

      Time for that dismal scenario to change.

      Don’t get me wrong. I love participating on social media venues and, truth is, it’s downright fun. Problem is … “fun” doesn’t pay the bills. Darn it! Why can’t fun be lucrative? LOL

      I’m an affiliate for Denise Wakeman and I’m always excited and very proud to spread her awesomeness around. She’s a recognized, sought after expert. The gal knows what she’s doing! 🙂