Fabulous Follow Friday Friends

I’m a big Twitter advocate and enthusiast.

So many of my followers are the most fascinating  and most wonderful people you could ever want to meet!

Today I am excited and proud to introduce you to some extremely talented and amazing bloggers!

My Follow Friday Shout Outs for this week are:

@HetherBestel ~ Heather can help you move from mad dash to organized serenity.  Just call her “The Queen of Calm”!  She’s the author of “More ME Time” –> The busy woman’s 3-step plan to reclaim your life and find joy every day.

Words that describe Heather:  Creative and Compassionate (and generous beyond belief!)

@MarthaGiffen ~ Martha’s got the “Lingo List” –> The free list of internet marketing definitions to help you get started and to guide you through the MAZE of online marketing.  She takes the guess-work out!

Words that describe Martha:  Witty, Warm, and Wonderful (and very responsive!)

@MarciaHoeck ~   Marcia can show you how to turn your existing staff into a successful team that makes your business more $profitable$. She won her husband’s heart by juggling and in the fourth grade she was the Hula Hoop Queen!

Words that describe Marcia:  Polished and Poised (with a tremendous sense of humor!)

@BobbyMiddendor ~ Bobbye’s expertise is copywriting –> She’s the keeper of words that bring heart to your marketing and soul to your business!  Bobbye shows Conscious Creators how to craft copy for the web.

Words that describe Bobbye:  Soulful and Sensational (and intellectual, to boot!)

Following any or all of these fabulous friends will definitely enrich your life and your business!