Ever Feel Like You’re Marketing To Nobody?

There you sit, week after week in front of your computer screen, banging out blog posts and 140-character Tweets.  What’s the use? Nothing happens. Your blog is gathering moss and no one on social media sites seems to know you exist.  Pretty frustrating.  You’ve got talent, skills, and expertise (out the wazootie!) to share with your target market. But there’s a big problem.  Your audience seems to be far away in a distant land on a perpetual vacation. In other words, they’re absent and you may as well be invisible.

You begin to recognize that working online can be a very lonely business and you’re feeling stuck in a rut.  Not a good feeling.  How can you break out of this hum-drum routine and start making a profit?  Joint Venture with someone! But play it SMART.  After all, this is YOUR business we’re talking about so know exactly what to look for. Take just one minute to watch this free video and learn the “3 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid” when looking for a Joint Venture partner.

I’m pleased to say I found a fantastic partner recently.  She needed some original content for her blog and newsletter and I needed some online visibility.  We’ll be doing some internet radio show broadcasts together soon, as well. Can you see the mutual benefit here?  As the saying goes, it’s not rocket science.  Now I’m not feeling so alone and we’re working jointly to help one another experience and enjoy the success we deserve.  Doesn’t get any better than that.

Flying solo in your online business can leave you feeling isolated and lonely and ready to throw in the towel.  Instead, have some fun and start looking for someone to collaborate with today!