• Delighted to find you here, Andrea! And I just love this line in your comment …

    “You don’t have to fulfill a word count, just fulfill the message you want to convey.”

    With that one line, you have eloquently conveyed MY message in this post.

    Having you knock on my door has made my life a little brighter today. Thank You!

  • Hi Melanie! I also don’t write lengthy posts. I don’t do it on purpose, but it seems that my posts end up being about the same size. Don’t worry about what others say or the proper formula for blogging. Do what feels natural to you and brings you joy. You don’t have to fulfill a word count, just fulfill the message you want to convey. I tend to prefer to read shorter post, so I enjoy yours. As long as you deliver some value (which you seem do), the amount of words is not important.
    Keep up the good word. Loving blessings!

  • Angie!! I’m so glad you’re here. After some of these blogging challenges end, some of us lose touch and that’s a shame.

    Thanks for what you’ve said and, really, it’s just a matter of feeling out your audience and meeting their needs, don’t you think? My readers seem to prefer shorter posts and that makes me happy … cause I don’t enjoy writing long ones! 🙂

    In general, I personally won’t read a super lengthy post unless the author is exceptionally talented and can convince me in the first paragraph that I’m really going to lose out if I don’t read everything on the page. And between you, me, and the lamp post, not too many bloggers have that skill.

    I appreciate you and I’m happy you’re here today.

  • I think your posts are great, and honestly I could take a lesson from you on the length! People are more statistically more likely to read shorter posts, so I think you’re on to something here. 🙂

  • Oh, she spoke very highly of you, Keith … rest assured. 🙂

  • Melanie
    I haven’t read my wife’s comment but she assures me that she spoke highly of me.

    As for your writing style, don’t ever change Melanie, don’t ever change.

  • Dear Mrs. Davis,

    My sincerest apologies.

    I’m certain, however (if you dig deep enough), you’re apt to find some honorable attributes and redeeming qualities in your husband, Keith.

    If, on the other hand, you’re in need of some counseling, I have a lovely referral for you. Her name is Heather Bestel and she resides in Scotland, UK. More precisely, she resides in a little town called the “Middle of Nowhere”. And it sounds as though your marriage may be located there, as well.

    Although we’ve never met, please know I’m here for you if you need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on.

    Warm regards,

    P.S. I mean you and your husband no disrespect. But I feel compelled to say my side is hurting from laughter! 🙂

  • Danielle, we’re on the proverbial “same page”. 🙂

    I’ve always thought to myself when crafting posts …

    I’m not here to re-write “War and Peace”, for crying out loud! And I’ll be honest — I’m a skimmer and scanner, too. As much as I love to read, I don’t have all day to sit on someone’s blog to read a 1500 word dissertation. I realize that some subject matter requires a more lengthy post, but in most instances blog authors can deliver up the goods in a lot fewer words. 🙂

    Thanks for swinging by.

  • Hi Melanie
    I would love to leave a comment to this post but British modesty would not allow it. I have therefore asked my wife to leave a short comment below:

    “Dear Ms Kissell
    Reading through your description of my husband it is patently obvious that you are talking about another Keith Davis.

    “…consummate professional, outstanding blogger, and delightful human being…” are not characteristics that I readilly associate with my husband.

    And the words “…true gentleman and a fabulous blogger…” only go to prove that you are indeed talking about another Keith Davis.

    Glad to have had this opportunity to put the record straight.

    Keith’s Wife

  • You know, you have such a great point here Melanie. When I read blog posts I don’t always read the whole thing. I read the headlines and skip right to the parts that are important. So why waste your time writing a blog post that is so long if no one is going to read the whole thing?

  • Appreciate the positive feedback and kudos, Lynn, and I’m happy to hear that you’ll be introducing yourself to Keith. He’s got a fabulous guest post on his blog right now from Marcus Sheridan — I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it!

    I know what you mean about the keywords packed in like sardines in some blog posts.

    When someone chooses to do that, I don’t think they realize how “obvious” they’re being. And in doing so, it really takes away from the natural “flow” of the thought process when you’re reading a post. The keywords keep pounding on you like a sledge hammer. 🙂

  • Melanie I have always enjoyed your communications and how you express yourself through business and pesonally. I agree that others tend to want to ‘stuff’ their posts with all kinds of keywords or repeating keywords it is enough to drive you crazy. Then other posts are so confusing, it makes me want to run. I enjoy your writing style and always look forward to reading your information. And also, thank you for sharing information on Keith Davis. I will certainly visit his site and hope it will turn into yet another great connection.

  • Thanks, Martha, and I definitely consider your writing style “short and sharp”. I never have to linger around your blog wondering what point you’re actually trying to make.

    Your posts are concise, clear, crisp, and …


  • I think your writing style is fabulous! Who wants to go to a blog (or article) that is just stuffed full of keywords and repetitious lines that don’t mean a hoot? Not me! I strive to keep it simple and try to keep bloggers on my list that do the same. You are number one at that! Blog on girlfriend!

  • Kesha! It’s nice to know another “whittler”. 🙂

    The moral of the story is that everyone who writes eventually finds their own unique style, in my estimation, that suits their personality and one that meshes and melds with their audience.

    Write On!

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  • Who would criticize your wonderful “short, sharp” style!!?? Nevermind, whomever it was surely doesn’t know what they are talking about 😉

    I love it. I try to keep my posts short as well. I’m a journaler/writer by nature (or at least I just like to write) so when I start writing I tend to not stop so I have to constantly whittle down my content or break it up 🙂

    Keep your style – I love short and sharp!!

  • Patricia, Linda, and Janette — genuinely appreciate the visit today and your feedback. Thanks!

    You’ve underscored some important points. “Shorter” isn’t always necessarily “better”. I guess I’ve developed a skill (of sorts) along the blogging pathway which help me to organize my thoughts in a concise manner and get my message across without being verbose. 🙂

    Patricia — I’m so thrilled you’ve already crossed paths with Keith. He’s a keeper!

  • I love your style of writing, Melanie. I would much rather read a short post that is packed with useful information than a verbose article that has very little to offer.
    I will be checking out Keith Davis’ site.

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  • Anyone can waffle! It takes real skill to share information with clarity so the majority can understand it.

    Less is always more in my opinion. I know nothing, (but I will learn from the expert now I’ve found you!), I thought a blog post was supposed to be short, whilst an article gave more in-depth content . . .

  • Hi Melanie

    I agree about Keith. I visit his site and really enjoy his posts. He has a great guest poster this last post too. Worth a visit 🙂

    As far as the length of posts goes; I have heard the pros and cons for short v longer posts on several blogs.

    For me, it all depends on the topic. Some posts will need to be longer due to the content being shared. Others can be shorter. Whatever you are comfortable with. Some long posts I have read are really great posts; others could have been shared with half the content!

    I have only just starting visiting here and I’m enjoying your posts Melanie. I think some of the comments you have received about short posts you have published are quite hurtful.

    I figure if people don’t like what is written they have a choice to not visit or if they have visited to leave. But not be rude to the blog owner! Can’t understand that sort of behaviour. Being kind and considerate is what I aim to be and feel it is so much more rewarding in the long run. Thanks for sharing Melanie. Appreciated.

    Patricia Perth Australia