Don’t Wait for Moses to Come Down from the Mountain with Your Niche Written on a Stone Tablet

For the long term success of your business, choosing the right niche is critical.

And figuring out what niche to focus on can be challenging, at first, and no one but you can make that all-important decision.

Even though you’ve undoubtedly read lots of stories about entrepreneurs running over to Clickbank and grabbing the hottest-selling products on dog training, for example, and making sales like crazy …

Is that the right niche for YOU?

Can you expect to experience that same kind of success over the long haul?

Most importantly …

Will you awaken every morning – inspired, enthused, and motivated– to pour hours, energy, and effort into a niche you’re not excited about?  And one you don’t really know anything about and have no firsthand experience?

I have my doubts.

Instead of focusing, solely and exclusively, on the dollar signs …

Zero in on a niche you’re passionate about!

You’ll have a much greater chance at long term success if you choose a niche:

1.) You enjoy researching

2.) You love writing about

3.) You have some firsthand knowledge and experience in

4.) Where the novelty won’t wear off a month or a week from now

5.) You feel comfortable and proud to share with others

Have you ever tried building a business in a niche that was dead wringer wrong for you?

What made you decide it simply wasn’t going to work?

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  • Good point, Sheila! That’s one reason I mentioned “researching”. If someone delves into a brand new niche, that’s fine, as long as they really enjoy doing the necessary research. And we all know — educating ourselves on a topic takes time and patience. And for folks who choose to “fudge” their way through are really taking a BIG risk of losing their credibility.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • Melanie,
    There is no doubt that I do better when I write about some thing I am interested in. Mostly because I can come from my own experience.

    Writing about the journey of some new interest can also be a fun way to post. I don’t always know what is coming up.

  • Joyce! What a treat and a joy to see you here!

    I’m glad you see it this way. It’s really nice to make money, right? We ALL want to do that. But if you’re not genuinely and authentically inspired to do the necessary ‘work’ (day in and day out), chances are pretty darn good the bucks won’t come rolling in.

  • Melanie,
    You asked the ultimate question every entrepreneur has to answer before anything else happens. Will you awaken every morning – inspired, enthused, and motivated?

  • Eydie and Annie — thanks for your input and glad you enjoyed this post.

    Although we just crossed paths recently, I can tell (beyond a shadow of a doubt) that the two of you definitely have your heads screwed on straight and your hearts are in the right place! 🙂

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  • Love what you do and do what you love – love this post Melanie 🙂

  • Great advice Melanie, nothing is worse than forcing yourself to be, or do, something you’re not thrilled about doing. Finding your niche is so important to a successful business.

  • wildheart4vr

    @MelanieKissell omg I love that lol maybe Moses will hand me a blog on a stone tablet too