Do You Have an Indestructible Business?

You can go broke being successful (I mean literally, lose your shirt)

Even if you have plenty of clients and/or customers and lots of work coming in, spreading yourself too thin and not paying attention to the fundamentals can really take a toll on your ability to serve your target market and grow your business successfully.

Just being passionate and good at your craft won’t keep you in business.

Yes, you may be keeping your clients and customers very happy.  But are you sure you can always pay the bills?  And do you have any idea what will happen next year, next month, or even next week?

You can do an excellent job for those you serve but you can also undervalue your contribution to them.

You see where your genius lies but the “undervaluing” can result in:

  • a lack of confidence
  • under-charging
  • a struggle with marketing effectively
  • a dislike for the financial affairs of your business
  • stressfulness
  • inaction, and
  • a lack of momentum

You can experience all of these if you really don’t know where you’re going.

Sound at all like you?

By knowing “Indestructible Business” principles, your awesomeness can absolutely get unstuck and on the right track in a very non-scary way.

During a 30-day blogging challenge in the summer of 2010, I met Marcia Hoeck. (Blog challenges can connect you with the most wonderful, knowledgeable experts and neatest people in the world)

Marcia owned and operated her own brick-and-mortar marketing communications business for 25+ years and she is the sharpest tool in the shed!  I would put my personal seal of approval on anything Marcia creates.

She’s put together an incredible 8-week course called “Indestructible Business” which is a comprehensive business guide.

Marcia’s course is for you if …

You want to dig deep into Your Vision, Your Confidence, Your Difference, Your Visibility, Your Productivity, Your Support, and Your Money so you can have an indestructible business.