• Good day Melanie Kissell I loved your informative blog post on Delivering A Pregnant Idea. This really solved my problem, thank you!

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  • Hi Mel
    “My idea is to bring my offline expertise onto the internet to share the wonderful world of pregnancy, birth, and infant care with parents-to-be.”

    I heard some stand up comedian say…
    “Men will never experience the pain of childbirth, but if they want to get an idea, take your bottom lip… and pull it over your head.”

    Now that sounds painful.

    As for my own Pregnant Ideas – I’ve got a stack of speech ideas next to my chair.
    Speech ideas complete with quotes, sub headings and funny lines.

    Will they ever be born?
    Hopefully some will, but who knows.

    Thanks for the little nudge.

    • ” … take your bottom lip … and pull it over your head.”

      That pretty much sums up birthing a baby, Keith — and what a mental image, eh?!

      So you’ve got a stack of speech ideas next to your chair — complete with quotes, sub headings, and funny lines?

      Wonderful. That’s a start.

      I bet you’re not finding much joy in staring at that stack, are you?

      Reminds me of an anonymous quote I came across recently …

      “I like work. It fascinates me. I sit and look at it for hours.” 🙂

      Here’s an idea about your stack of ideas:

      Since some of them may not be delivered as speeches —> turn them into blog posts!

      Love your latest post,

      • Hi Mel

        “Since some of them may not be delivered as speeches —> turn them into blog posts!”

        You see, that’s why you are CEO of Mel K Enterprises, Inc. and I’m… well never mind about me.

        Great idea Mel, will make my next post oh so easy.

        • Hi Keith,

          I really enjoy those light bulb moments, don’t you? 🙂

          What I think would be the coolest strategy of all to do with some of those ideas in your stack that won’t be delivered as speeches is …

          Not only turn them into posts, but RECORD them as audio posts, as well, to go along with the text. I can predict with 100% accuracy your readers would treasure hearing your voice!

          What do you say? Willing to give it a go?

  • Hi Melanie,

    Your post reminds me of the Steinbeck quote: “Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.”

    I never lack for ideas, just the time to get the put into action.

    • Hi Sheila — I’ve missed you!

      “I never lack for ideas, just the time to put them into action.”

      We must be related. 😉

  • Ha ha! Melanie! You have such a wonderful way of hitting home with your messages! Such wit and style!

    Okay, first… my daughter was due around Christmas (many years ago) and yet I gave birth Feb 4th! Uh huh! That’s more than a month overdue. And she was 8 pounds 13 ounces. Yikes!

    Second, I have so many ideas that it’s overwhelming to think about them all. But, they are all written down and I do plan on tackling them one by one…. soon…. i hope. LOL! (See what I mean… you hit home!)

    I agree that you should tackle your original plan of going with your expertise and sharing your wonderful wisdom with the world of women / moms. That’s the best way to go! So, let me know if you need any help. I’m here for you anytime. And those are not just words… I mean it! Big hugs!

    • Your baby girl was MORE than a MONTH overdue?!

      Holy smokes, Deb, it’s a wonder she wasn’t a ten-pounder! Yikes! As it stands, she was quite a chubby bunny. The average birth weight for baby girls is 7 pounds.

      About pregnant “ideas” …

      You’re one of the rare “inspired creatives” who’s actually “organized”, as well. Truly, the rarest of species. 😉

      Thanks for the offer of help — don’t be surprised to find me knocking on your virtual door a lot sooner than you think!

      Wish I could knock on your “real” door,

      • I wish you could too! But I look forward to even a virtual knock. XO

  • I try to get my ideas out faster than my actual babies. As I like to say, if it wasn’t for Pitocin, I would still be pregnant!

    On the other hand, I have so many ideas swimming in my head, it is a matter of time and priority. You have to find the one that will be the most profitable and implement it quickly. It is no accident that all the successful people talk about “massive action”.

    Maybe you can take some Pitocin and deliver your pregnant idea soon? Or perhaps create a “Pitocin-like” program that will help us all deliver our pregnant ideas!

    • LOL! You’re a breath of fresh air, Daphne!

      “You have to find the one that will be the most profitable and implement it quickly.”

      I hear ya! Let’s all get some I.V. Pitocin on board and start delivering those pregnant ideas! 😉

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  • Hi Melanie! I think your pregnant idea is a great one (and I love how you tie it in with the whole post). Parents-to-be would be so fortunate to find your valuable information online. I think you should definitely do it – there is definitely an audience for that and your expertise would be gratefully accepted. I wish we had the internet like we do now when I was pregnant! And yes, I’ve had many ideas that started out so exciting and then waned over time only to get tossed aside when things got busy or if the idea seemed to complicated to implement. I’ll have to work on that. I’m glad you didn’t toss aside your pregnant idea! ~ Suerae

    • Thanks for that vote of confidence, Suerae — warms my heart and much appreciated!

      I’ve been in the “business of babies” for the past three decades and I think it’s high time I bring my expertise into cyberspace. 🙂

      For the past several months, I’ve been polling my students to find out who would have signed up for an online version of my class if they would have been given the opportunity. The majority of my students raise their hands! Seems pregnant couples want the same things as everyone else — valuable content, convenience, and cost-effective options.

      Right now I’m squeezing in some time for content creation — that is, when I’m not working one of my three part time jobs. 😉 It’s a lot of work but I believe there will be a wonderful return on the investment of my time.

      You’re definitely not alone …

      Many of us have a myriad of really wonderful ideas that never see the light of day.

      Take another peek at those exciting pregnant ideas you’ve put on the back burner, Suerae, and make the commitment to deliver one!

      Thanks for knocking on my door today,

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  • This is such a timely analogy for me, Melanie! I hadn’t considered the metaphorical “backache” that would ensue if I let my ideas simmer for too long. =P I’ve had an idea for a new blog or at least an addition to What Little Things for the past month. I even chose the theme I wanted and settled the price on hosting with a friend of mine, but I started getting scared off with all the potential planning involved.

    With your help, I’m recognizing that I’m caught in the “all or nothing” trap. Part of me feels that I should just jump in and see how/where it goes — I figure I’ll learn more about what people enjoy and are interested in, and go from there. But I’m scared to not have everything figured out from the beginning. =P

    Thanks for having me reflect a bit more on this, Melanie. It’s easier to face my fears when I can clearly name them. =P

    • Good for you, Sam, and thanks so much for sharing your personal story of letting an idea simmer too long!

      ” … but I started getting scared off with all the potential planning involved.”

      That’s the ticket! That is precisely what’s been holding you back. Sometimes just the sheer notion of all the planning and work involved in getting something off the ground keeps our feet planted, firmly, in cement.

      And then there’s the ever lovin’ fear factor.

      We never know, for sure, if our efforts are going to pay off, do we? That’s especially true online. It’s a great big (uncomfortable) gamble. It’s risky! And let’s not leave out the fact that those of us who are afflicted with perfectionism have the hardest time of all. We’re the very best procrastinators in the world … and on the world-wide web! 😉

      Just pretend your water bag broke and you’re in labor …

      Start pushing, Sam — It’s time to deliver that pregnant idea!

      Melanie 🙂

      • Haha! How’d you know I was a perfectionist? =)

        Thanks so much for the encouragement, Melanie!! =)

        • Lucky guess, Sam.

          Or maybe I should say “It takes one to know one.” LOL 😉

  • Melanie,
    I definitely consider myself an inspired creative. I always say that I run on bursts of inspiration. 🙂

    I have a ton of ideas that I haven’t launched yet–one of which is a new resource site for the WM Network, but right now, I’m enjoying the relaunch of my In Pursuit site.

    I have to admit, though, that I had the idea for the relaunch probably six months ago and only really got it off the ground in the last few weeks. 🙂

    I think what holds me back from moving forward on ideas sometimes is that I like to get paid–meaning, my paid writing and editing jobs often take precedence over my personal creative projects.

    However, I’ve decided to manage my time better so that I can have the best of both worlds. 🙂 So far, so good!

    Great post. And I think your idea sounds like it would make an amazing resource. When you get it off the ground, I’d love to have you guest post about it at The WM Parenting Connection. 🙂


    • That’s a deal and a date, Angie — thank you! I would love to craft a guest post for The WM Parenting Connection. 🙂

      I totally get where you’re coming from …

      The bills have to be paid, right? We’ve got to keep the lights on at home and the refrigerator stocked — not to mention, first and foremost, a roof over our heads. Putting paid writing and editing jobs at the top of your priority list is the savvy and sensible thing to do.

      But if you’re finding ways to manage your time differently so you can work on creative writing projects, too, that’s great. I applaud you! Time management is not exactly my best strength. 😉

      Anxious to read “In Pursuit of Fulfillment On Creating Personal Change”!

      I can’t believe you’re giving copies of your book away for free just for signing up for your newsletter. You’re amazing, Angie — and a gal with a kind and generous heart. 🙂

      Thanks for knocking on my door today!

      • Thanks Melanie! I sincerely appreciate your support! 🙂

        • My treat, Angie!

          I read your book this afternoon and posted my two cents worth on your website. Well, actually, I shared more than two cents worth — my commentary was about as lengthy as a novel! 😉

          I won’t repeat everything here. Suffice to say your book rocks! I found tremendous value from beginning to end!

  • Hmm. You are channeling your thoughts this way. I planned to use Irene’s visit to good use. It already screwed up my Phillies weekend (every weekend?) and my daughter’s move to her new home. But, I had printed out all 217 sets of notes for posts. Figuring, as it always happens when a storm hits my area, that I would be powerless (not that kind, Melanie, the electric variety) so i would handwrite my posts by candlelight. I spent the whole afternoon sorting them all out and arranging them in order. If I don’t lose power (please, please no!), then they will be ready for me to devote about an hour a day for the next two weeks to deliver them (since I need to complete a major tax review, too). If I do lose power, then they will be ready much sooner.

    • Ever thought about teaching the rest of the world your organizational skills, Roy?

      I’m seeing dollar signs in my head. 😉

      Keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed for you and praying the lights stay on in your home!

      And so sorry your Phillies weekend got screwed up.

      Hopefully, it will soon be time to say, “Good night, Irene”.

  • Well said Melanie and I love the analogy of ‘pregnant idea’. I think it is a form of procrastination, more excuses to keep you for implementing and executing your ideas.

    But I also know, from experience, that it is the lack of knowledge that may cause many to get into a pregnant idea. That is why I love the internet to research, gain information and then be able to keep things moving forward.

    I started working on my training program several months ago. I never knew that editing videos would take so much time. What I found out in researching this, was an article by our good ebiz colleague Michele Scism, how to get over trying to make things perfect.

    She shared her video experience and that is when I found out that you have to plan for 20 – 30 minutes for each 1 minute of video time. I was shocked, but then it provided some sanity for me and to keep moving forward with my project. After all, I have almost 5 hours of video training!

    I appreciate you sharing this analogy as it certainly puts a fire under my butt to keep it going and never give up!

    • I hope that fire under your butt isn’t too scorching hot, Lynn! 🙂

      I give you all the credit in the world. I don’t know the first thing about editing videos but I’ll tell you this much …

      It sure doesn’t sound like fun.

      But I’m happy to hear you learned a valuable lesson from Michele Scism. And she’s right, you know. If all of us worked on projects and programs till every little facet was perfect and every little duck was lined up in a row, we’d NEVER get anything off the ground.

      And let’s face it … we’re our own worst critics!

      I agree with you 100% on this …

      A procrastinating nature coupled with a lack of knowledge is a recipe for yet another pregnant idea that won’t stand a chance of being delivered!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your insights,

  • Love the analogy of giving birth to ideas. One big difference is when baby wants to come there is nothing you can do about it. Crossing your legs just does not work. Like you I have several major projects that I will be birthing in September – wow – one book, 1 new website and 2 membership programs. Plus all the rest. Baby is turned and ready to come

    • Love this, Roberta …

      “Crossing your legs just does not work.” LOL!

      I’m SO excited to hear about your pending labor and delivery! A new website? Two membership sites? A Book?!

      “Baby is turned and ready to come” …

      Keep us posted on your baby’s (babies!) “birth” day! 😉

  • Yikes! And I am so scared of the pregnancy thing anyway, this just scares me even further.

    I have been nurturing a “pregnant idea” (the sound of it is scary actually!) for a book for about a year now. There is an idea which is revolving around in my lil head for some time but I haven’t found he energy to just sit and start working on it! I really don’t know what’s holding me back; maybe the lack of failure or that’s it all in my head. But I need to get some writing done, seriously!

    As for your pregnant idea… when we were discussing this on WBB, I was thinking you should go with it. Your field is so crucial, and there are loads of ladies who would benefit massively from it! Do it.. and when I actually become pregnant (some day, I will have a million babies!) you are the person who’s blog I come knocking to!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend! And I cam here early, where’s my candy? 😉

    • LOL!

      I wish I had some candy to give you, Hajra! You are oftentimes the first person to leave a comment. I’m going to have to try and come up with some kind of prize for you. 🙂

      Don’t be scared. I’ll be happy to hold your hand and help nurture and guide you through your entire (million) pregnancies. Whew! That’s a lot of babies!

      So …

      You’ve been growing a pregnant idea for a year now?! Time to let it out! A pregnancy is only supposed to last for nine months. 😉

      I’m thrilled to hear you have the desire to write a book. I know it’s difficult to find the time and energy to actually get it written.

      A really good approach is not to think about the “whole” book right now. That’s too overwhelming. Just think about the “first chapter” — start milling around ideas in your mind for an outline of what you want to talk about in chapter one. Then write the chapter.

      Once you get that first chapter written, all the ensuing chapters will be much easier.

      Thanks for your encouraging words about MY pregnant idea — much appreciated!


      • The first chapter… that sounds like a plan ..:)

        • That’s the spirit!

          Let me know when you have your first rough draft of chapter one completed. Happy to proofread and edit. 🙂

          Can’t wait to see what your book is going to be about!

          • P.S. I just went to check out your “vampire” post. Thank goodness it wasn’t anything scary. You know … like pregnancy! LOL! 🙂