• Melanie,

    Just stopping by to continue the conversation. Great blog you have here. Mompreneurs are a HUGE market and you have really got a nice-looking site.

    I’d have to say that I do like competition, but only when I know that I can win at something.

    -Joshua Black
    The Underdog Millionaire

    • Hey Joshua ~

      Thanks for knocking on my door! Really nice to see you here.

      Appreciate the compliment and feedback on my blog and target audience. You’re a good egg. 🙂

      See you in the blogosphere,

  • I agree wholeheartedly Melanie, I think competitions are just bad news because the encourage us to try to best one another, rather than celebrate each of our individual gifts. I know you joined my Facebook friends but I invite you to also go to my blog and subscribe to “The Edge Ezine” as I’ll soon be sending an email out inviting my readers to participate in a wonderful project that is all about promoting collaboration over competition.

    Have a great day! 🙂

    • Beautifully stated, Tisha!

      I really love what you’ve commented — “celebrate each of our individual gifts”. We are all unique human beings. There’s not another “You” in this world, Tisha.

      I’ll head on over to your blog and subscribe to “The Edge Ezine” — sounds fascinating and I can’t wait to read about the project you’ve got up your sleeve. 🙂

      Thanks for knocking on my door today,