Coming Soon To An Opt In Box Near You

How do you get your prospects, clients, or customers excited and anxious to learn about your newest offer?  That’s easy. Don’t show it to them!

Say what?  That’s right.  Don’t show it to them.  Instead, create some “anticipation” by relying on basic human psychology.  People’s processes (how they go about taking action) are psychologically channeled by the ways in which they anticipate events.

Anticipation is an emotion that involves pleasure and enthusiasm. Remember anticipating a trip to the amusement park when you were young?  Or waiting anxiously for your upcoming birthday party?

You can put this knowledge into action in your business by getting your prospects and others looking forward, with enthusiasm, to what you’ve got cookin’.

There are so few surprises as adults.  Good ones,that is!  So we grown-ups really enjoy and embrace the element of surprise when we feel that something exciting is waiting for us just around the corner.  The waiting, the wondering, the gradual pull toward it (product, program, event) creates a pleasurable experience in our brains.

As the saying goes, “Don’t give away the store!”.  That’s no fun.  Over a designated period of time, give everyone hints, clues, and sneak peeks of what you have up your sleeve. Keep them thinking.  Keep them curious.  Keep them on the edge of their seats.

When you finally guide people to the end of their journey of anticipation, they’ll be more than ready to check out your latest offer!