Build Your Self-Confidence Through the Use of Color Cosmetics

Guest Post by Yvonne A. Jones

Every woman needs to remember that she is beautiful because of who she is and what comes from within her.

Many people consider someone beautiful because of the shape of their face, or perhaps specific areas of the face like eyes, nose, or lips.  In some societies a tall woman is considered beautiful, whereas another culture may view a full-figured woman as the ideal woman and most beautiful.

These elements of outward appearance are beautiful in themselves; however, it is the inner strength and character that radiates or shines through your facial expressions; the warmth of your smile, the joy of life reflected in your eyes, and the purposeful stride in your walk that add to and reflect true beauty.  Your self-confidence and awareness of yourself, your spirituality and your relationship with others are also aspects of your personality that allow for your inner beauty to shine through.

In light of the foregoing, some persons may wonder why would there be a need for women to wear makeup if true beauty comes from within?   When we talk of makeup in this article, we are using the concept of “less is more.”  What this means is that caring for your skin is the primary concern and makeup or cosmetics should be used to highlight and enhance your natural beauty, not to hide it.

The use of makeup is very subjective.  There are persons women who absolutely refuse to wear any type of color on the face and that should be respected.  However, these women should be encouraged to take very good care of their skin by using quality skin care products designed to meet their specific needs.

In my years as a Skin Care and Image Consultant I found that many times women said they did not use makeup or color cosmetics because they did not know how to use them and they were ‘turned off’ either by other women who layered on too many products that detracted rather than attracted, or they saw people wearing colors that were not suitable for them.  A basic challenge for many women is finding and selecting the correct foundation that matches and blends with their skin tone.  For many of these women, just adding a soft lip gloss and a mineral pressed powder often gave them a more professional look and quite often these simple steps made the difference between frumpy and attractive to the beholder.

The key to wearing color cosmetics is that it should complement your natural skin tone, not cover it over.  While there are no hard and fast rules for make-up application, because this is a very subjective area, your makeup should be appropriate to the occasion.  In the same way that you would not wear a sparkly sheer outfit to your corporate day job or networking event, your look should be appropriate to the time of day and occasion.  Every woman has or can develop her personal style; your may be the “minimalist” or you may be the “lay-it-on-thick” type, but either way you need to feel comfortable with your style as well as recognize the impact your outward appearance can have on others with whom you come in contact.

Do not be afraid to use color cosmetics.  Have fun with it and develop your own style.  Use makeup as a tool to help you build your self-confidence.  This is not just theory.  I’ve personally witnessed women who discovered that with just a hit on color that highlighted the color of their eyes; enhanced their cheekbones, or simply reduced the level of shine on their face they immediately felt better about themselves.  This was often reflected in the fact that they stood and walked a little taller and felt more confident in themselves.  When you feel this way, your  feelings will be reflected on the outside and in turn you will draw people to you.

Yvonne A Jones has been a Skin Care and Image Consultant for over 10 years and enjoys helping women feel great about their skin and image.  She has helped many women over the years to enjoy the flexibility of their own home-based business. She offers tips and advice for the boomer woman on her blog at

Yvonne is also an Internet Marketer who helps new entrepreneurs cultivate the right mindset, create an online presence and build their own brand.  Her website is at


  • I know confidence should come from within but I care deeply about what other people think of me to the point where Im highly self conscious and suffer from social anxiety! How do I stop caring about what other people think of me and start building confidence from within? Thank you!

    • Great question!

      My best suggestion …

      Take action!! And if that means taking baby steps toward building your confidence, that’s okay.


  • I like Revlon Colorstay Mineral Foundation product provides good coverage with a light feeling to it. It is as if I am not wearing anything on my face at all! Good product for the price! Revlon is great for me since it goes minimal coverage and is very light.

  • Heather, I’m sure your students appreciate you and the positive messages you are impressing on their minds. They are so impressionable and if they can be helped to understand what true beauty is and not some superficial image determined by a sector of society, that will help to mold them into loving themselves for who they are. Please keep up the good work.

    From getting to know you, my perception is that your daughter is glad to have you as a role model as, like her mom, her inner beauty shines through.

  • Joyce, That’s a very good reason to go shopping, lol. One of the things I learned from International Makeup Artist, Robert Jones, was that we should view makeup as an “accessory.” And I love that!

    Do you remember the days when if you had on a green dress, your eyeshadow had to be green? Don’t you have fun looking back at those photos? Now we know that something in the gold family, lilac, purples or even browns enhance that green outfit so much better and can complete the entire look.

    I’m off to read about the “Delicious Brain.”

  • Hi Yvonne and Melanie,
    Perhaps you remember when color analysis for not only makeup but wardrobe colors as well had just come on the scene. The color profile was based on the “seasons.” I turned out to sit on the fence of being neither a true Spring nor a true Summer. Nevertheless, I found a way to incorporate the colors of both into my professional wardrobe and it made a big difference. Yes, each of us has our own true beauty, but our natural color palette really glows when we extend it into what we wear as well. Besides it’s the best excuse I found for cleaning out the closets and for going shopping with a purpose.

    • Hey Joyce ~

      I remember when color analysis was all the rage, too. I even went to a couple of home parties where color experts did an analysis on volunteer guests. Funny thing, though. I distinctly remember that every woman looked good in “mauve”.

      Yep! Knowing your personal color palette is the perfect excuse to get out and do a little shopping. 🙂 Lucky for us, Yvonne knows a lot about this topic and I know we’ll be able to rely on her to help us.

      I see you’re still cookin’ that brain!

  • ‘Letting our inner beauty shine through’ – I love that. I’m on a mission to help my young students see their own beauty and allow it to shine through. They get bombarded with so many negative messages and sometimes find it hard to see what beautiful women they really are. I hope I’m a good role model for my teenage daughter too. We recognise each others beauty in what we do for others, how we make people feel, our kindness and caring. She is becoming very spiritually aware and I see that radiate from her – I want to help her to shine.
    What a beautiful post from 2 beautiful ladies, much love Heather xxx

    • Hi Heather,

      We need to multiply your efforts and your mindset (and your beauty!) by millions! Young women and girls, especially, have a media-induced view of how they should look and many of them suffer from eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression. Helping them to recognize and embrace their inner beauty, I believe, will transform the way they see themselves on the outside.

      I applaud you for doing your part and I know that Zoe has a wonderful caring mum!


  • And I endorse that, Melanie. Evelyn is beautiful in ‘the eye of the beholder’ but my perception of her personality is that she is also truly beautiful on the inside…and it shines through.

    I’m so glad I had the opportunity to be Melanie’s guest author today as you, Ms. Kissell, are someone I admire as a truly beautiful lady – inside and out.

  • Hi Melanie and Yvonne – I enjoyed visiting here today. I think positive advice to women is so helpful to cut through all the suggestions that are often given, which seem to say there’s only one right way to look or you must use the latest colors and products or you are not in fashion. Wonderful reminders to just be yourself and enhance your own inherent beauty.

    • Evelyn!! What a joy to see you here. It’s always wonderful to re-connect with participants of the blogging challenge. I think we’ve created a bond that’s cemented with super glue! 🙂

      I agree with you and that’s why I’m very proud to have Yvonne as my guest author today. She has a good grip on what “beauty” really means. Women, especially, can get so fixated on external appearances that they lose sight of where their true beauty resonates from.

      By the way …

      You’re beautiful!