Blogs and Birdhouses Share the Same Goal

This week I was thinking about the purpose of blogging and the goals I have set for my business blog.

With the start up of a new year, I was contemplating some fresh, unique ways to make my blog work for me and some topics that would be appealing to my target audience.

At the time, I was sitting outside on my patio (It’s warm here in the winter).  I looked across the street and saw a neighbor’s birdhouse perched high atop a sturdy, square wooden post.

It suddenly dawned on me that blogs and birdhouses share the exact same goal.

Go ahead and say it.  I already know I’m a little “quirky”.  That’s okay.  That’s a big part of what makes me ME.

But think about it for a minute.

What’s the main goal for constructing a birdhouse?

And what’s the main goal for a blog?

They both need visitors!

No sense putting up a birdhouse if no birds come by to enjoy it.  And the same principle holds true for your blog.

So how do you get birds to land in a birdhouse and people to land on your blog?

Simple …

  • Create a pleasant, comfortable, interesting environment to hang around in
  • Provide lots of yummy treats
  • Consistently replenish the supply of food (for your blog – delicious content!)

Can you think of something unusual or eclectic your blog can be compared to? Just fill in the blank – “My blog is like …”

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  • Thank you, Sheila. And, to me, your blog is like ” Grand Central Station for Newbies”! 🙂

  • Melanie,

    I like how your mind thinks. This is a great analogy and it fits your blog!

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  • Love the description of your blog, Bonnie (and I also happen to love coffee)! 🙂 Sounds like a pleasant, comfortable environment to hang out in. I can smell the aroma of fresh-brewed java from where I’m sitting right now and I can envision a group of women enjoying wonderful conversation.

    Thanks for knocking on my door today.

  • Thanks, Leanne! I don’t often write an “analogy” post. So your encouraging words have inspired me to take a few more off the back burner and pin them up here. 🙂

  • This is so bang on! I love analogies and this is a perfect one.
    I try to envision my blog as an online coffee shop where you can sit with your girlfriends and talk about it..what ever ‘it’ might be that day. I’m still working out my voice but this vision really helps me focus.

  • What a fantastic analogy, Melanie! I love it when I get realizations or lessons like that from the things around me.