• Great analogy! I have 2 dogs and yes I have to feed them, etc on a regular basis. So fun – thanks for the great posts. I always enjoy stopping by to see what you are up to. 🙂

    • Hey Evelyn!

      Thanks for stopping by. I saw you in the comments section today over at Robert Plank’s blog. Isn’t he a character? He really likes to get folks stirred up … and he does a pretty darn good job of it, too! 🙂

      Always a joy to stay in touch with a fellow “four-legged furry friend” lover,

  • You are one of my favorite bloggers! Because you continue to feed us good stuff 🙂

    • LOL! 🙂 Thanks, Martha, and feeding a blog is easy when your readers love to devour everything you feed it!

      Congratulations, again, for making it on the list of WE Magazine’s bloggers to keep an eye on in 2010 — So proud to know you!

      Hugs and love,

  • Nice recipe.

    I have always loved your fun graphics. It makes me smile every time I come to your blog. And your titles are very interesting.

    In fact I have taken it to heart and have changed to funner graphics. I am sure some of my titles could use a dash of “Melanie Kissell” creativeness.

    • Sheila, you’ve made my day! 🙂

      To me, blogging is the most fun activity on the internet. I’ve landed on so many blogs throughout the years that never use graphics with their posts. And that’s okay but I think they give a post a little boost of personality.

      Have a great week!

  • At UtahWord camp, I learned how important it is to the search engines to be consistent with blogging. If you are going to post twice a week, then do it on the same days. The search engines will know when to come by. If you are erratic in your posting… the engines get confused and you may not get some of your posts indexed.

    • Hey, Kathy, I didn’t know that search engines (or any kind of engines) could get “confused”.

      Thanks for the tip!


  • Deb

    Nice common sense comparison, Melanie!

    • Thanks, Deb, and so nice to see you here!

      Have fun over at the 31DBBB — Lisbeth and Michelle are wonderful hosts. 🙂