Babies Can Teach Us A Lot About Marketing

Babies are soft and sweet and gentle, wouldn’t you agree?

But sometimes they can be doggone loud!

Those are the moments they will instantly and effectively grab your attention, awaken you from a sound sleep, call you away from the dinner table, or even cut your shower super short.

What can you learn from babies that will help you market your business online?

Babies are great at taking center stage, tooting their own horns, and getting someone to take action. And that’s exactly what you need to do as an online marketer in order to reach your business goals.

Pardon the pun, but you can’t take “baby steps” and be shy about it. Many solo professionals I’ve met would rather do a root canal on a Rottweiler than promote themselves. They’re afraid of coming across as sales-y and no one likes a pain-in-the-patootie sales person.

I’m not suggesting you annoy your target market by pitching, pouncing, prodding, and pestering (loud and obnoxious never wins any awards). Instead, learn how to become an expert at Bragging — the right way.

Your clients and potential clients want to work with a winner, someone who is skilled at alleviating their pain and solving their problems. They want you to brag and they want to brag about you.

Ask yourself these questions as you put together your marketing messages: “Why would someone want to hire YOU? What are your strongest selling points that set you apart and make you stand out? If someone were to brag about you, what would they say?”

Friend and colleague, Cathy Goodwin of Copy Cat Copywriting, has an mp3 recording and 25-page workbook called Bragging101 for under twenty dollars that is a phenomenal tool that teaches you how to market confidently without sounding like a used car salesman. I use it in my own business and refer back to it often. If you have a fear of bragging, check it out.

If your current marketing strategy and self-promotion resembles that of a sleeping baby, it’s time to wake it up!


  • Melanie,

    We tend to forget the innocence of our childhood. Been clouded over with layers and layers of adult baggage. I think I’ll reach back and resurrect the child in me. Thanks for the suggestion, girl!


    Rick Lelchuk
    The Healthy Networker

    • Who knows, Rick — might even be FUN to think like a child again. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting today and say hello to Lynn for me.


  • Good day to you, Bobbye!

    Twenty-nine years and four children later …

    I can definitely attest to the fact that babies can teach us a thing or two. 🙂

    As you so aptly stated, “Waking up from our stupors” is a good start!


  • Yes, I am trying really hard to become louder. I am an introvert, a quiet person. Announcing my blog or products, over and over each day seems like ego stroking to me, but I see it happen on twitter.
    Perhaps like you said, it is the noise making that will take my business to the next level.
    ~ MJ Schrader

    • Howdy MJ!

      I’m not sure why most people don’t believe this about me, but I’m just like you, MJ — I’m basically a quiet, reserved person. I’ll go so far as to say that I’m pretty much a loner. But when it comes to taking care of business, the Johnny Carson in me comes alive! 🙂

      So go ahead and grab a bullhorn or megaphone and sound off the greatness in you!!

      You need to be heard,

  • Woo Hoo! Great insights Melanie. Waking up from our stupors to be the brilliant inner child that we are at heart — this is the the key to marketing in a way that honors our true brilliance. Wonderful lesson here in pondering how babies get our attention, and how we can embody a similar model. Thanks.
    Bobbye Middendorf
    The Write Synergies Guru