Are You Up To Your Butt In Alligators?

Prefer to listen?

Sometimes I feel like I’ve got more to do than any other person on earth.

The stressfulness related to an overloaded, over-committed schedule leaves me feeling like I’m up to my butt in alligators … and they’re about to devour me!

So, is this my own fault?  Did I bring on the alligators myself?  Some psychologists like to call that “self-induced” stress.

Give me a break.  That’s like saying, “You asked for it!” I’m not buying into THAT diagnosis.  Who in their right mind would PURPOSELY create stress in their lives?!

I’ll tell you “who”.  NO ONE.

Some of us just naturally have more on our plates than others and our days are filled with more activities and responsibilities than sardines in a tin!

This is especially true of a lot of solo professionals. Building a business is hard work and if you’re not careful, those alligators can start biting – and biting hard.

Stress is no joke.  I’ve been a health care professional for over three decades and I’ve seen, firsthand, the ill-fated effects of stress – and they’re not pretty.  And quite honestly, they can be fatal.

So what can you do about it?

One of the amazing members of the 30-day blogging challenge going on right now can help.  Her name is Heather Bestel, creator of “Just Ten Minutes”.  I consider Heather a wonderful friend, a colleague, and an EXPERT at helping people to reclaim their lives and find joy every day.

With Just Ten Minutes, you can enjoy every day to the fullest and get a handle on your stress – and avoid feeling like you’re up to your butt in alligators!

If you don’t take action on this right away, bookmark the link or this blog post.  The day may come when you get into an unhealthy mode of “overwhelm” and Just Ten Minutes can save your butt and your sanity.


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  • I have Heather’s program and I have to say how perfect it is and would recommend it to all your moms even if they aren’t that a word?


    • Terrie ~

      I feel so blessed to have met wonderful people like you and Heather during the last blogging challenge. You know how you just instantaneously resonate with certain people? It’s a joy.

      I can tell that Heather pours her heart and soul into everything she does. So glad to know you have a copy of Just Ten Minutes – I love it!

      Yes, moms can certainly benefit from Heather’s expertise!


  • Hi Melanie, take a look at my book cover and I think you’ll laugh about alligators (and also Golden retrievers) — “Forget Your Troubles: Enjoy Your Life Today” at amazon or my sites.
    You’re so right, it’s very important to get a handle on stress or it pulls you down into a pit.

    • Your book cover fits perfectly with my post today, Evelyn – I LOVE it! And I’ve never heard of “Shelfari” before. Looks like a wonderful way to introduce your blog readers to your own books or your favorite authors. I’m going to take the tour and check it out! Thanks.

      I’m so glad you’re helping people to understand the consequences and not-so-great side effects of stress. You’re 100% right. Stress can pull you down into a big dark ugly pit.