Are You Having As Much Fun As The Staff At Zappos?

The corporate culture at Zappos has evolved over the years to create a WOW customer experience.  That experience is due, in large part, to the Henderson, Nevada staff who refer to themselves as Zapponians.

Zappos is a happy place to work!

See for yourself!  Check out this one-minute video of “Life At Zappos”.

Each team’s area is decorated differently from fantasy themes, to jungle themes, and other creative environments.  Almost every employee has their own cubicle, including CEO Tony Hsieh.  No big fancy office for the Chief.

They have a “nap room” and in the lunch room, there IS such a thing as a free lunch.

In the front office, there appears to be a mini book store – Personal Development books, maybe about forty different titles, line the shelves.  It’s not a Lending Library.  It’s a “Giving” Library. If someone sees a book they like, they’re welcome to take it – that includes employees and visitors!  CEO Tony has a new book coming out in June, 2010, called Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose.

By the way, my daughter, Morgan, is attending “doctor” school in Henderson, NV.  I’m going to give her a call and tell her to get her fanny over to Zappos and take the tour!  When you’re studying to become a physician, you don’t get to have a lot of fun.

As a small business owner and online marketer, are you creating and incorporating a fun factor into your business?

What are you doing or could you be doing to create a WOW experience for your customers and clients?

Let’s not let Zappos have all the fun! 🙂


  • … and ya can’t beat Word of Mouth advertising! It will steal the show every time – hands down, over any other form of advertising or promotion.

    You sound like a gentleman with a tremendous amount of experience and know-how.

    Zappos reminds me of how Japanese companies treat their employees – they put them FIRST. What a concept, huh?!

    Really a pleasure to see you here, Steve, and thanks so much for your expert commentary.


  • Great example of how customer service has helped build a strong business and develop a following of raving customers. These raving fans of your business provide valuable word-of-mouth advertising that further builds the business. And, providing a great working environment reduces employee turnover and ensures a large group of potential employees that want to work for your business.
    Creating a WOW experience for clients does not have to be expensive, but you must take action!
    .-= Steve Sponseller´s last blog ..Innovating Your Internal Business Procedures =-.