• Melanie, you gave me a good chuckle. The antidotes are the best – don’t talk to yourself (guilty) and don’t make stuff up that hasn’t even happened… if I told you how many nights I lay awake in bed playing through possible scenarios…. it would be embarrassing. I often remind myself that THIS HASN’T EVEN HAPPENED! Sometimes I even dream this stuff then I wake up puzzling something over and have to remind myself… CL, you don’t actually have to solve that imaginary non-existent totally improbably dream problem.

    Here’s to procrastinating. Later.

    • Oh, Carol Lynn, your comment is far better than my post! Thanks for adding to the jovial spirit here.

      Love this …
      ” … that imaginary non-existent totally improbably dream problem” LOL!!

      Later. 😉

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  • Alex, my side is hurting from laughing!! LOL! 🙂

    Your picture in the dictionary of procrastination but your were late for the photo shoot? Say no more. You’re a Level 10!

    I can’t even comment on the “too hard” basket — I’m laughing ‘too hard’!! 🙂

  • OMG I’m the worst procrastinator in the history of procrastination, and if you like I will go and research that, maybe later.

    I reckon if you looked up procrastination in the dictionary there would have been a picture of me had I made it to the photoshoot on time, which I undoubtedly would not have.

    Anyway, I have to get back to my to do list. Luckily it lives under the too hard basket so when it fills up I just dump it straight in 🙂

  • @Diana — Not to worry. My ‘working out’ is at a level 10! I’ve been procrastinating about it for YEARS. I’m so happy you stopped by and got a few laughs. 🙂

    I read your “Lighten Up and Smile” post — awesome.

  • Hi Melanie,

    What a great post! Full of humor while touching on something that everyone in one way or another experience. Yes, I do procrastinate and it depends on what I have to do. Housework is high while working on the business is much lower. Oh another thing is working out. Recently, I have been procrastinating so much that it’s at 9. Need to get that sorted out 🙂

  • @Yusuf — You’ve got a syndrome a lot of people suffer from! When there’s SO MUCH to do, we end up doing nothing. We feel defeated before we ever begin. Trust me, my friend, you’re NOT alone. 🙂

  • @Sheila — As I read your wonderful (and blatantly honest) comment, John Carlton came to mind. He suggests we write down all the things we love to do and the things we don’t … and only do the things we love. 🙂 LOL

  • @Jeanette — LOVE Robert Allen’s commentary on procrastination! He’s one smart cookie. 🙂 Thanks for sharing that with us! PERFECT.

  • Mel
    My door opening cat is only a distant memory now.
    I’m guessing that when he arrived at the pearly gates… he opened them himself.

    There will be a health warning on the link to the notorious “wet shirt scene video”.
    The ladies tell me that their legs turn to rubber and they are never the same again, once they have seen the video.

    Actually one ore two gentlemen have said the same! LOL

  • I’ve got a big revelation to share with you, Patricia. Well, actually TWO.

    Straight away, you ARE a DOER. Almost every blog I visit has a beautiful, well-designed, valuable comment from YOU sitting there. How in the world do you DO it?! You’re the quintessential social media butterfly. I see you everywhere!

    Secondly, no offense intended, but not everyone who claims to have exemplary work ethics and perfectly-orchestrated discipline in their business is telling the truth. Just remember there’s a little ‘human nature’ at play and sometimes claims come along with a slight bit of “embellishment”. 🙂

  • Have your cats opened any doors at home lately? 🙂

    Looking forward to your post. By the way, might come as a big surprise, but I haven’t seen that “wet shirt video” yet. I feel as if I’ve missed out on something outrageous. I’ll be sure to click the link in your post and see what all the fuss is about!

  • It’s Saturday Mel – we can both waste a little time.

    In between cups of tea, chats with my wife and playing with my three cats, I’m putting a post together to publish on Sunday… hopefully this Sunday.

    Topic will be Colin Firth’s best actor Oscar speech but don’t worry, I will add a link to his Pride and Prejudice wet shirt video.
    My lady readers can use it as an exercise in self control.

  • Not to worry, Keith — I’ve got time-wasting down to a science. As a matter of fact, I’m wasting time right now. 🙂

  • You must have seen me Mel.
    I’m the one who always arrives late.

    Have a relaxing weekend and please… waste as much time as you like.

  • Oh, Paula — I can barely compose myself long enough to type my reply. I can’t stop crying and it’s hard to see. My eyes keep filling with tears.

    No, I’m not sad. I’m laughing, hysterically!

    This line is a CLASSIC — “I won’t do a damn thing without trying to put it off (except hunger)” LOL!!

    You’re a beacon in the fog, Paula, and I truly hope you realize that.

    And I’ve already marked my calendar to check back with you in a couple of years to see if you’ve managed to get organized. 🙂

  • LOL! A “gold-plated time waster” — love it, Keith! I happen to own a lifetime membership in the Gold-plated Time Wasters Club — I’m surprised I haven’t bumped into you at the meetings. 🙂

  • Hi Melanie

    I used to be a do-er and would have said I am definitely not a procrastinator. Until I started blogging and set up my business! Too easy to do the things I like doing and put off the less pleasant tasks till the deadline lol

    I admire those very disciplined blogger/marketers who get so much done each day. Sure I could network all day but that is definitely not always work 😉

    Patricia Perth Australia

  • Melanie,

    What a fun post! Look at all the confessions.

    I have some areas of my life the are definitely a 10. Outside pressure has to bring my necessity level up enough for me to get things done. Like taxes, book keeping and some relationships I am suppose to be having.

    Then there are areas of my life that I love having full control over. I get in and start the project, push to get it done and the end that project. They are those projects I love doing. Like writing for my blog.

    The big problem comes in those murky in between areas. Those areas that only I know about and depend upon me to put the pressure on. I know better. They are the ones my attention goes to.

    Now I that I have confessed do I get absolution for my penitence? Oh to be so lucky.

  • I’m fairly sure I’m a heavy duty Level 10. I won’t do a damn thing without trying to put it off. Except hunger. I am willing to eat at the drop of a—a cracker! I never put off chowing down. (You can probably tell from my pics!)

    I’m ashamed of it, and sadly, not terribly motivated to change. Except that I HAVE to. This house is a mess, my clothes are in disorganized heaps, and cooking is a nightmare because nothing is where it should be.

    Even my blogs are behind. I have such a big work list that I can’t seem to find time to organize it. Now that’s just sad!

    But you have inspired me with this rather embarrassing face-to-face with myself, and I am committing here and now to changing! Thank you, my friend. 😀 Check with me in a couple years to see how I’m doing, okay?

  • You know Mel, when I was a young man I was very indecisive, but now… I’m not so sure! LOL
    Sorry, I had to throw that one in.

    I won’t give you my score but I am truly a gold plated time waster.
    I’ll take a couple of spoonfuls of your antidote.
    That should put me right.

  • @Lauren — LOL! Your sense of humor is your best asset in life, Lauren … don’t ever lose it!

    @Lynn — Can’t wait to read your Friday post on procrastination! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your insights – much appreciated. And you’re right, Lynn. Once you get into the procrastination ‘groove’, it’s almost impossible to get out.

  • Oh the evil, very long word, procrastination. Just the sound of it makes me cringe. Yes, I must admit I still have moments when I think I do that later, or it doesn’t need to happen right now. But now I know, if you keep saying it, it become to easy to not do it.

    So thank you Melanie for your awesome tips and advice. Funny, I just scheduled a post for Friday …. its on procrastination!

  • Funny post! Love it! I should really get back to my work, though…OR just wait for the next lunar eclipse!

  • LOL! Melanie! I could not stop laughing. This is so funny yet true. I do Procrastinate from time to time when there is multiple things that I want to do but end not doing anything! Or at least slowly!

  • Oh, Hajra, looks like I’ve finally written something someone considers “customized” and “personalized”! Take the doctrine — it’s yours. 🙂

  • So aptly put, Maureen! Love your comment. 🙂

    And I bet there’s a lot of folks whose procrastination meters are ‘bobbing’ all the time! And I’m like you … if I’ve got an impending deadline, I can force that dial right down to below Level Zero! LOL

  • I am something of maybe over 10…I do it all the time, even when it comes to personal obligations! Maybe it is laziness, fear or just plain laziness again! I am so in love with this doctrine!

  • Hey Cory — thanks. Please feel free to add “mind reading” to your portfolio. LOL

    But you’re absolutely RIGHT. I don’t like it one bit! (pardon the pun) FB’s auto post to profile with the new like button stinks with a capital P.U. !! Believe it or not, I’m not really the radical, revolutionary, rebel type of gal, but this little Facebook change, in my estimation, is a big fat faux pas.

    Excuse me while I exit the comment box — I need to click the link you shared and scope it out to see if it’s going to fit the bill. Appreciate your help!

  • Hi Melanie
    What a fun post. I love the quote from Gloria Pitzer.
    My procrastination level varies depending on what it is I have to do and how long I have to do it.It drops to almost zero when I have a deadline which I have to meet.
    So for me, my procrastination meter is constantly bobbing about but I love your procrastination antidotes so much I think I’ll print them out and stick them on my wall.

  • Mel – LOL “Dead in the water” you rock

    I bet you don’t like the Auto post to facebook profile of the new like button.
    Check out this information I got from one of our Facebook Groups:

    “The “Like-Button-Plugin-For-Wordpress” gives you an option to define the image for each post in your blog. You can optionally *not* define the image and allow each person to select an image from what’s on the page, or you can take off the “Like” on a per-post basis altogether. I haven’t got all the details yet, but you can try it out yourselves on your own blog: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/like-button-plugin-for-wordpress/

  • @Melissa A. — Thanks for your big chunk of honesty. Truth be told, everyone tends to avoid unpleasant chores or activities. You’re certainly not the only one!

    @Marty — Glad to know procrastination is a “work in progress” for you. 🙂 Never lose your sense of humor!

    @Roberta — LOVE the 4 D’s! I’m adopting them immediately. Please get the adoption papers ready. 🙂

    @Leanne — You’re not a procrastinator. You’re a DOER!

    @Roy — Not sure what you do for a living, but I’m getting a strong hint of “engineer” mindset. I bet you’re someone who’s a lot more organized than most, great at space planning and utilization, and super skilled at compartmentalizing almost every aspect of your life. Just sayin’ … 🙂

    @Karla — I knew it! We’re kindred spirits. If I’m not dancing around the house while I’m doing housework, you can bet I’ll have my favorite tunes playing in the background. 🙂

    @Melissa — Nope. You’re not a slacker. You just need to join my support group for recovering perfectionists. We have a HUGE membership. 🙂

    @Lani — Happy to know you found me via Facebook. Gotta tell ya a secret — that’s where the majority of my readers, fans, and followers come from. Seems to be a hot hangout these days. 🙂 Really enjoyed your post — left my mark in the comment box.

    @Theresa — Honestly. I swear. I have not been talking to your husband. I wouldn’t know him if I passed him on the sidewalk. 🙂 And I’ll be using that same self-defense plea — I am not one that relishes hour-long conversations on the phone. So please allow me to “pardon” you from those kinds of commitments. You’re off the hook (and off the horn, hopefully!) LOL

    @Jacqueline — Got a great suggestion for you. Use paper plates! 🙂 Love your 15-minute increment strategy — I learned it from Marla Cilley, The Fly Lady. Look her up. She’s a hoot!

    @Leona — Thanks for openly procrastinating right here on my blog for everyone to see! LOL Bless your heart. 🙂

    @Dani — I don’t like the taste of frogs. I’ve tried to eat them in the morning but they don’t go well with my coffee. 🙂 Got your point, though, and it’s a good one!

    @Martha — You don’t have procrastination syndrome, you have “Blue Personality” syndrome. “Blues” are all about fun, fun, fun! They need constant stimulation and they get bored quickly and easily. I KNOW you. You are NOT a procrastinator. 🙂

    @Emily — Welcome to Level 3! Dip your toes in, the water’s nice and warm. 🙂

    @Cory — LOL! You’re a keeper – come by anytime! Here’s how I see it … #’s 8 – 10? Use your imagination! If someone is already at a Level 7, they’re dead in the water. Off the charts. Too far gone. They don’t plan to do things the day after tomorrow — they plan to do them the day after never! 🙂

    And thanks for the FB Like button tip. I just disabled my Like button today because I’m not in favor of how FB wants to use this feature (but that’s a story for another time).

  • Too funny! Yet it’s true, we all have something we procrastinate over at some point! I’d have to say, my biggest procrastination is doing laundry…always waiting till the last minute!

  • P.S. Add the fblikebutton plugin by dean peters to your blog. It rocks.

  • Hey Melanie. Awesome post, but what happened to levels 8-10? Did you procrastinate in writing them? hehe. 😉

    I can totally relate to the Level 1 procrastinator right now, and I’m sure that I’m a recovering procrastinator level 10 (whatever is it, I was the worst type at one point)


  • Hey Melanie– this is Awesome!! I think I’m probably at about a 3 too!! ;o)

  • It’s easy to work on projects in the beginning because the excitement is bubbling. Towards the end, the next project starts looking more exciting and it’s sometimes hard to tie up the one I’m originally working on.

  • OK, I’m a fence sitter…but in certain areas. I tend to feel so excited about some things and I put off the others. Maybe you’ve read the Brian Tracy book “Eat the Frog?” Love it because it encourages you to do the things you like the least first thing in the morning to get em out of the way. A great solution to procrastination!

  • Melanie,
    Another great blog post and yep I’m procrastinating right now! LOL! But not for long…someone has got to do the laundry. Only I want to read a few more blogs on TLC!

  • Such a fun look at a usually dry and distressing subject!
    I think I’m about a level 3 too, although there are days where a 7 or 8 could be argued.
    I decided once that the best way to beat procrastination is to only do stuff that was Fun … but then we ran out of clean clothes and dishes *sigh*
    Now I do the crappy stuff in small manageable increments (usually 15 minutes) and am usually amazed that it takes me less time to complete the task than it did to think of the reasons I should do it later!

  • A pardon from my commitments? LOL!

    My husband always says, don’t make s**t up that hasn’t even happened yet. You two been talking Melanie?

    That. Is. Awesome. Advice.

    My worst procrastination – but I profess it’s self defense – is when I avoid calling business associates that love to chat. I don’t have time for much chat.

    This was a delightful post Melanie. You brought a huge smile to my face. Made a nice point too. 🙂


  • Aloha Melanie, I enjoyed your post and hesitated to jot down my post, I was going to do it tomorrow.. Lol Okay, a bit of humor here. I suppose I may be a fence sitter myself, and I do like the #7 doctrine. In fact, it speaks the truth with a spice of humor to your list. Glad I came by and thanks for sharing! Mahalo, Lanikee.com 🙂

    PS..saw your info., on fb, so here I am. Come by and visit me sometime. The benefits are sharing is caring!

  • This is great! Interesting enough, I have found that I procrastinate because I can’t do something well enough. I think it has to do with a bit of perfectionism. If I feel like I can’t do something right, or well enough, of if I can afford to do it with the best brand, etc…. then I don’t ever start. Isn’t that odd. You think a procrastinator is just a slacker, but not always so.

  • I’m an adrenalin junkie, not a procrastinator. I like to think of myself as deadline driven .

    Procrastination is a problem that I strive to overcome, sometimes more successfully than others. Business are build and books are written by small, consistent actions.

  • Melanie we are one in the same, I procrastinated about a week before I got around to doing my taxes. You are right it tends to be the stuff that is not fun and I have to think of ways to make it fun such as dancing while doing housework.

  • ProCrastinate- even the name makes one consider it otherwise. After all, it’s Pro- that means “I am for” and Crastinate- that means tomorrow. Of course, I am for tomorrow. I love today- but I want a tomorrow.
    The difference is that we need to do things that are needed today, and leave things that are not as critical for tomorrow.
    I guess I have to choose another Latin expression- Carpe Diem.

  • Mostly, I just get it done. I’m like the energizer bunny (that’s what Cheryl calls me). If I do procrastinate, it’s because I’m feeling the need to sort through the thing and understand it first. It doesn’t happen very often though.

  • One of my mentors taught me the 4 D’s and they have helped me enormously with all procrastinating.
    For every task you have to do you look at the situation in this order
    Can I drop it?
    Can I delay it?
    Can I delegate it?
    Then I need to do it RIGHT now!
    Melanie love the tongue in cheek but serious topic.

  • Shall I comment on this now, or shall I leave it until tomorrow LOL 🙂

    No seriously. I am a bit of a procrastinator for some things. As far as I’m concerned, overcoming this is a work in progress and progress is something I’m making. I’ve no idea how I rate though.

  • I won’t lie. I procrastinate…A LOT. I talk myself out of doing things that should be done and ignore tasks that might be unpleasent to deal with. I am working on it though

  • I’d like to add an interesting note about procrastination and that is that successful people know how to procrastinate the unimportant things and unsuccessful people procrastinate the important things! (Taken from a lecture by Robert Allen)

  • I know precisely what you mean, Danielle, and how you feel. Thanks for mentioning “always seems to be something bigger on the table”. You got that right!

  • Gee – mine is pretty high – I’d say at least a 6 or a 7. Some days are worse than others. Mostly though, I leave everything until the last minute. NOT a great way to run your business. Old habits are hard to break though and somehow everything manages to get done eventually. Which doesn’t make it a huge priority to change. There always seems to be something bigger on the table to worry about.