• Gwen ~ I’m SO GLAD you mentioned this point – I do it ALL the time!

    For me, reading the comments people post at blogs is just as interesting and fun as reading the post itself. There’s always a chance of discovering a new blog to follow and maybe even a new friend to make!

    Appreciate your input,

  • Hi Melanie

    Yep, this is a great post, and great advice. If you do leave a comment and leave the reasons why you liked it or offer an opinion that catches the blog owner’s eye, they will sometimes visit your blog too! Just to see who you are and read more of what you have to say – a great way to make another connection.

    Thanks for writing this!
    .-= Gwen Tanner´s last blog ..Product Inspiration: From A to Z for Your Niche =-.

  • Bobbye ~ sounds like you’ve landed a couple of doggone dynamite mentors! One thing I know for certain is that no one’s going to make it in this industry without a mentor/s.

    And if I’m going to “ignite” anything … I’m glad it’s thought and conversation! 🙂

    Judith and Jim are right, you know. Life itself is all about “people connection.” Otherwise, why would we be here, Bobbye? I’ve so enjoyed connecting with you and reading the beautiful pieces you write.

    Thanks for being YOU,

  • Dearest Jeanne ~ Ya just couldn’t resist, could ya?! (PS Great Post!) LOL!!

    Crowded? Are you kidding? No way. Bring it on! The more the merrier. And, anyway, the party wouldn’t be quite the same unless everybody showed up. Each one of these coconuts adds a little something special to the bunch!

    Your compliments are heard, hugged, and harbored. Thank you!


  • Melanie, what an amazing role model you are, along with providing comments and posts that ignite thought and conversation. My mentors, Judith and Jim say “It’s all in the connection.” And it is. You show that every day. Thanks!
    Bobbye Middendorf
    The Write Synergies Guru
    .-= Bobbye Middendorf´s last blog ..Embrace Your Vision — Project, Message, People — Blog Challenge Post 23 =-.

  • Melanie,
    I’m staying up late tonight to catch on some of my favorite blogs and more importantly, blog-gers! That certainly includes you! You are a great communicator, a great writer and your site is awesome. I really cherish our friendship and look forward to one day having that cup of tea – maybe over in Scotland with Heather! Of course, we’d have to invite Karen and Deb, and Bobbeye, and Terrie…and Martha and Marcia,…oh my,it might get crowded!
    Big hugs,
    PS…Great post!

  • Karen ~ You don’t know how happy it makes me feel to know that your blog is showing some signs of life and getting some visitors! Your niche is highly-targeted and you’ve got just the expertise to WOW ’em with your knitting magic! Just promise me after the challenge is over that you’ll keep up the … MOMENTUM! 🙂

    Appreciate you, too, Phila! You are an eloquent and prolific writer and I have a suspicion … a mighty fine speaker, as well!

    Anytime I can make a fellow blogger’s day, my day is complete. 🙂


  • Melanie, thanks for posting this…and I’m checking out the article you referenced also. And you walk your talk, leaving constructive, thoughtful comments that really make a blogger’s day and give food for thought and growth…much appreciation!

  • Is this or is this not a great post? Ha! Melanie, I don’t think you’re capable of anything but super great posts and comments. Thanks for the tips in your guest post as well.

    This #blog30 challenge has brought me way more traffic than I ever saw in my life. Along with it comes tons of “supposed” comments that are thinly disguised wannabe link generators. They can’t be published as they add nothing of value. What a waste of their time when they could be making friends like you. And maybe me.

  • LOVE your sense of humor, Yvonne – Never, ever lose it!!

    I’m always mindful of the fact that posting well thought-out, meaningful comments with substance (like the ones MY readers post!) take time and energy. Everybody’s in a hurry these days and let’s face it … it’s too easy to just take the ‘lazy’ route. Hope you enjoyed reading my short post over at Natural Baby Pros.

    You’re talkin’ turkey now, Heather! YOU and so many of the blogging challenge participants are PRIME examples of building community and establishing lasting relationships. And how is that accomplished? We need to be communicating – “engaging in conversation” as you so aptly stated.

    I cherish each and every one of you.


  • I love that you reply to all of your comments. It’s a wonderful way of building community on your blog and people will want to come and visit often.
    I agree that some people just visit a blog to obtain a back-link and some bloggers just never engage in conversation – what a shame and what a waste. There could have been the greatest of friendships just waiting to happen.
    Keep spreading the word.
    Heather xx
    P.S. Great Post LOL 🙂

  • Great post! :):) Yes, it does make you wonder if someone has really taken the time to read the post. I agree with you, Melanie, when someone comments on the section of the post that one feels was especially meaningful or resonated with them it does add credibility to their comments and at the same time helps the writer to understand what he or she can focus on next. I’m going over to read the article you referred to above. Thank you.