• Sometimes having people unsubscribe is a good thing – especially those that DO subscribe just to get your freebie. If you were to sell/recommend a product or service, they wouldnt buy it. So why keep them on your list? Good riddance! If they get your freebie, I sure hope you have it well branded with your name, URL, email and all your information! That way if they pass on your freebie to one of their freebie-seeking friends or send it to their own list, then that unsub is helping to build your business!!

    Great post Melanie!!!!


    • You have a way with words, Gwen, and you just said a mouthful! 🙂

      Every point you’ve made here is a valid one. There’s absolutely no benefit to having people on your list that aren’t really interested in what you have to offer. If they want to grab your freebie and run, I say “Too-da-loo and best of luck to ya!”

  • Hi Melanie!

    I just took a big step in really zeroing in on the concerns of my ideal customer when I retooled my business recently — in fact, I’m still heavily in the throes of it. Interestingly, I got a slurry of unsubscribes right away — over 60 in the last 3 weeks. In the past I would have been absolutely devastated to lose so many people at once, but I’m not this time — instead, I’m really trying to celebrate the unsubscribes as a “cleansing” of my list.

    As I get more and more targeted with my communications, the people who are not right for me are falling away, leaving more room for me to attract the “right” people. After all, I’m not for everyone — who can be? I decided I only want people on my list who are really attracted to what I have to offer, who really resonate with me — and if they unsubscribe, they clearly aren’t and don’t. Best for both of us to part ways.

    Scary? Yeah. Liberating? You betcha.

    (Feels good to be pokin’ around here again, I must say!)


    • Marcia! What a wonderful, warm, fuzzy feeling to see you here again. 🙂

      I agree ONE HUNDRED PERCENT with your attitude and outlook regarding your list. I’m proud of you and blessed to know you. I’m about to do some retooling myself with the goal of really narrowing my focus down even more on a target audience.

      I’ll join you in your celebration of cleansing! Everything you’ve said here is right on the money and the ideal approach to building the “right” kind of list — people who are “right” for you.


      P.S. If you ever want to buddy up for a fun little project, I still want to follow through on my “Pink Ladies” idea. 🙂 And I bet some of the blog30 gals would love to be contributors. Keep the notion in your back pocket, okay?

  • Helen’s post was great! Thanks.

    I think she hits the nail on the head when it comes to providing some of your best content to your subscribers.

    • I’ll second that motion, Sheila! Helen zeros in on the relationship-building aspect of keeping subscribers on your list and that is exactly what we need to do.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  • I totally agree with you regarding the multiple offers. It seems that EVERYONE is using the same bribery strategy to get subscribers…. and then bombarding them with email. IF I don’t like it for myself; why would I think my readers would?

    Also, As a stress relief coach I can see this as a life’s lesson. As in life I would encourage people to think it’s about the other person’s decision for themselves. It’s saying that what you DO isn’t fitting their needs. Don’t take it personally; and please remember you cannot please everyone. It’s not your job in life.

    • Thanks for knocking on my door, Lianda! It’s nice to see you here.

      Although email marketing is effective and it’s obviously here to stay, it’s gets to be annoying at times – like the “multiple offers” emails you’ve mentioned. I will admit that I do chuckle sometimes when they all start pouring in on the same day. And other times I want to shout, “Give me a break! Can’t anyone be more original than this?!”

      And having people unsubscribe from your list is, without question, a life lesson. It may feel like rejection but it’s not that at all. It’s what you’ve so beautifully stated — just not a good fit.

      Have a magical and meaningful Monday,

  • Melanie:

    Finally a blog article that addresses Email marketing and the realities of people unsubscribing from your email list.

    Funny thing is a lots of people do not unsubscribe unless they are receiving too many emails and it becomes more of “Pestering” people to buy so and so’s product than that of providing content that is of value.

    I have received emails from 5 people that I subscribe with and the email that they send is on product XYZ that they are selling for the week. Talk about duplication. I realize they are internet marketers and affiliate for this person/company. Imagine how other subscribers feel.

    Thank you Melanie for posting this blog article.

    Jane 🙂

    • I’m so glad you brought this up, Jane! I have to sit back and laugh sometimes. There are days when I’ll get the EXACT SAME email about the EXACT SAME product or program or teleseminar or whatever … from a dozen people.

      And I really don’t appreciate getting three or four emails from someone in the same week. Too “pushy” for my taste and I don’t think it’s good business practice at all.

      Really enjoyed your Blog Talk Radio show yesterday!