• I think they are the same person but bipolar. Does that make sense?
    What a great post and an awesome blog!!!!
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  • Hi Melanie,

    Very interesting post. I’m not particularly good at bragging about myself – I need to improve! I think that bragging and branding are cousins, assuming that one’s online presence is based on the individual as opposed to a business without a ‘person’ at the head of it.

    best wishes


    • Rob ~

      Thanks for swinging by!
      For what it’s worth, very few people are actually comfortable with bragging about themselves (in the customary sense, that is). I was raised to think that “boasting” was rude, ill-mannered, and selfish.

      Bragging to build your business and develop your online identity is TOTALLY different, Rob. It simply means to let your target audience know what you’re good at – your expertise – and not try to hide it or think it really doesn’t matter. It’s about “declaring” your expertise and allowing your audience to feel very confident that they’ve made the right choice in you.


  • Love it and it is so true and it took me a long while to really get it. I know I have now beacuse @helenrappy was able to put it clearly in words

    • You’re not the only one, Suzie! There are many, many small business owners (offline and online) that need time and explanation and clarity before really understanding what “branding” means.

      Isn’t Helen wonderful? I wish I had half her energy! She’s one of the most enthusiastic and motivated marketers I’ve come across in a long time.

      Let’s Write On!

  • I love it! “So how do you cultivate your persona? BRAG about yourself.”

    I’m definitely getting “Bragging 101 Home Study Course” right after I post this!
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    • Henry ~

      Bragging 101 is the very BEST $17 I ever spent! One of my dear colleagues, Cathy Goodwin, is the author and she’s the best doggone copywriter on the planet. And she knows more about “Online client attraction” than anyone else I’ve met — hands down.

      You are doing a marvelous job of “cultivating” your persona. The post where you laid out all the topics you plan on writing about during this challenge was a prime example of, “I’m not hiding anything” and “I want you to be a part of this with me” demonstrates “persona”.

      Let’s blog on!

  • Hey Melanie, great post!
    Of course I have to say “twins” ((smiles))

    I had someone say to me once “You’ve got to stop tooting your own horn!” At first I was offended and then I realized that If I don’t “toot” my own horn then who will? It certainly would not have been the person making that statement! lol So, I agree, we all need to “toot toot” because no one else is going to do it for us!

    Love reading your blogs btw!
    Your new fan,

    • You’re a sweetheart, Danna, and I love the humorous way you put things into context!

      You got the answer RIGHT! Branding and bragging are twins. 🙂 Of course, you and I have been saying that word for a long time, haven’t we?

      We absolutely MUST toot our own horns. As you so aptly stated, no one else is going to toot them for us!

      It brings me great joy to know you’re enjoying my posts,

  • Hi Melanie,
    You are so right about the bragging.I think people get alienated when bragging is all self-centered. You can effectively brag in the context of being the one with the right solution and being able to deliver your message quickly and effectively. Brag on Melanie. I can’t wait to see what your up to next.
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    • Thanks, Joyce!

      Without question, there’s a right way and a wrong way to brag. And you’ve got it RIGHT! Delivering your message, effectively and concisely, as an expert in your field who can provide solutions is the acceptable way to brag. In doing so, you are branding yourself.

      Enjoying your series on female brain attacks,

  • Your absolutely right. No one will buy your product or service because you have a great logo. Your brand is about you.

    Story telling lets you connect with your customers with a shared experience. You do have to be authentic and honest just like you said.

    .-= George Arthur Burks´s last blog ..What is a Brand and What Does Your Brand Say About You? =-.

    • I’m so happy you came by today, George!

      You’ve made a very good point. Telling stories (true ones, that is, that build trust) will most assuredly create a closer connection to your target market.

      Ridin’ on the Branding bandwagon!

  • Thanks for the great insight into what my audience is actually thinking and wanting — I like it that you differentiate between shallow boasting (all those hollow promises some people give) and letting people know what you have to offer that they will be interested in!
    .-= Evelyn Roberts Brooks´s last blog ..Weekend Be-Happier Tip #23 =-.

    • Hey Evelyn!

      Nice to have you here today. And you absolutely “get” it!

      Shallow boasting will land you in the gutter faster than anything else. When I was involved in the MLM industry years ago, I witnessed an awful lot of that sort of behavior going on. Not to put the industry, itself, down. But that was my experience time and time again. We’re supposed to be striving to build trust! Not touting that we’re the best thing since sliced bread.

      But we MUST brag … and do it in a way that cements relationships with our target audience.

      Let’s blog on!