• True, I laugh a few times when I’m reading some posts and the spelling or grammer is just plain silly 🙂

    But I have to disagree, I think we are all grading the blogs we read, and depending on the profession of the person, the words they use (especially if they are spelt or used wrong) can create a powerful impression. With so many spell-checks there really is no excuse for bad spelling. But with grammar, it might be a little more difficult.

    Kathy’s got the right idea 🙂

    • You’re right, Fiona – and that Kathy is one smart cookie!

      I can’t help but scrutinize a piece of writing, whether it’s a blog post, an article, or a press release. And the reason is that my brain and my eyes are trained to do so. It’s part of my background and my education. I know that part of me will never disappear. But I also know that what Lis commented is very true for me, as well. I really love the ability to do free form writing on the internet – it’s like getting away with breaking all the stiff and stuffy old rules! 🙂

      I tried out about 20 of the RSS directories you listed on your blog today. Thanks again. You rock!

  • Hi everyone,

    I really try and use proper grammar and spelling. In fact I have a desk top dictionary that I constantly use. I find that commas and present the biggest problem for me… there are so many rules. I do try… and I hope my readers are forgiving because I may not always get it right.

    If I ever have anything really “glaring”in my posts… let me know. That’s what friends are for. I promise I won’t hack your site.

    By the way… Melanie.. I don’t know why my gravitar doesn’t show up on your site. It does on other sites. Go figure.

    • Yeah, Kathy, I don’t know why your gravitar doesn’t show up here, either. Been noticing that for quite a while. It’s probably some little quirky glitch with my theme. Bet Sheila can figure it out! She’s a great technical detective.

      Just for the record …

      The stuff you produce on your blog is so killer that I don’t think it would matter if you misspelled every other word and NEVER inserted a comma anywhere on the page! 🙂

  • Well alrighty then. 😀 Couldn’t resist. I feel your pain, Girlfriend. I don’t remember that little ditty – that must have missed Missouri – but I learned others. I love the freedom that online writing allows. After years of business writing and “corporate-speak,” the ability to write in a flowing and free form way is liberating. But errors, oh, those do drive me crazy. 🙂

    • I knew you were in my camp, Lis – I just knew it! And thanks for making me *grin* at your opening remark. 🙂

      Sometimes I wish I could take a pill or a potion or some doggone nutritional supplements that would eradicate my obsession with proper grammar. Formality is for the offline world! And I agree with you – it IS liberating to be able to write in a flowing and free form style online.

  • Hi, Melanie. What a fun way to talk about proofing – I hadn’t thought about that little song in years. Looking forward to hearing more from you on the Ultimate Blog Challenge!

    • Mary Ellen – you’re here! Thanks for knocking on my door. Your blog is fabulous and I really resonate with your writing style. Plus your topics are ones I love to read about.

      Happy to bring back a little junior high nostalgia! And, apparently, Sandi Johnson is a kindred spirit. Her pet peeve is “alot” … cringe.

      Let’s have some blogging fun and rock the challenge!

  • Hi Melanie,

    I remember that little ditty! (Along with a few others.)

    The one that gets my goat is seeing alot instead of a lot.

    As writers, I think we each tend to have our little quirks and pet peeves when it comes to grammar and spelling mistakes we find online. I always have to giggle when I see agent and editor blogs with similar grammatical errors. 😉

    Enjoy the Challenge!

    • Oh, Sandi, I can already see we’re kindred spirits and we’ve just met!

      True confessions moment – I could write volumes about my “quirks”, not that anybody would care to read about them. 🙂

      Your “Chicken Shit Guide” series has piqued my curiosity. Sounds intriguing.