• I have enjoyed passive income over the past 20 years in the way of royalties from artwork I produced in the craft and gift industries.

    When I decided to pursue Internet marketing… it was the passive income through affiliate marketing that attracted me to this business.
    It’s a great way to start building your income before your are able to produce your own products.

    • Amen to that, Kathy! And even after you have some of your own products out into the marketplace, affiliate marketing can remain a viable source of income.

      20 years?? That’s amazing, Kathy! You have tons and tons of experience under your belt. Your prospects, customers, and clients will really appreciate and benefit from your expertise.

  • Hey Melanie,

    This is perfect explanation of why affiliate marketing is a good choice. The low costs make it affordable for any one to start and the possible income is BIG.

    • Hey Sheila,

      Good point! And that’s honestly why I became interested in affiliate marketing in the first place — very affordable. I basically came online three years ago with a $0 budget to build a business. Affiliate marketing was a godsend and then I grew to love it!


  • Melanie – breaking it down to the basics is an easy way for everyone to understand how simple, how easy and how financially rewarding affiliate marketing can be. May your affiliate basket be overflowing.

    • Thanks, Joyce! Love your sentiments and I’m going to strive to make sure my affiliate marketing cup runneth over. 🙂


  • I think affiliate marketing would be ideal for writers, Lisbeth. Some folks thumb their noses at it and claim affiliate marketing isn’t a “real” business. They’re obviously misinformed!

    Thanks for stopping by today,

  • Melanie – great part 2! I think affiliate marketing is a great way for writers to earn extra income as well. For the most part, we sit at our desks all day – it’s kind of a no-brainer in my book. Terrific information that you’ve shared here!