Affiliate Marketing: How To Know If You’re Promoting The Right People

I sent a Facebook message to Donna Kozik of “My Big Business Card” and “Write A Book In A Weekend” on Friday. She responded quickly. I wrote her again on Saturday. Got another reply. Sent her a note of thanks and appreciation. Received a warm, genuine compliment in return and a promise to send me some new, exciting affiliate promotional materials soon. Trust me, they’ll be in my mailbox in a jiffy pop!

Every single time I reach out to Connie Green of “Build An Online Empire With Connie Ragen Green”, I not only get a timely response, I get the most beautiful words of encouragement. Imagine that!? I don’t have to question Connie’s intentions, I know she sincerely gives a hoot about her affiliates.

I felt as proud as a peacock when Cathy Goodwin of “Copy Cat Copywriting” actually thanked me, publicly, for my loyalty on one of her Thursday copywriting Cat Chats. Does it get any better than that!?

Michael Katz
of “Blue Penguin Development” and “E-Newsletter System” is another story. When I saw the exceptional value of what Michael had to offer (and his refreshing sense of humor), I went looking for his affiliate sign-up page. There was none. So I started sending him messages – pronto! He wrote back to tell me that he had turned off his affiliate program. Long story short. I gave him the proverbial “nudge” and he re-opened it again. He emailed me to say “thanks” for giving him the push to light it up again! He added a little compliment by saying that I was “convincing”. 🙂

Jessica Swanson of “Shoestring Marketing” makes me feel like I’m the most special Twitter follower in the whole wide world … the whole world wide web! Enough said.

I recall when I wanted to become an affiliate for blogger extraordinaire, Denise Wakeman, of “The Blog Squad”. At the time, she was re-vamping her affiliate program. But … she religiously followed up with me over a period of time and made certain that the sign-up process went smoothly. She checked, double-checked, and triple-checked in with me. Amazing.

I could go on and on …

However, are you seeing a pattern here? As an affiliate, HEARING from the online marketing experts you’ve aligned yourself with is a good sign that you’re promoting the right people.

If you’re looking for worthwhile affiliate programs and professionals that will treat you with dignity and respect (plus great follow up), go to the top of this page and click “Melanie Recommends”.