7 Stifling False Impressions of Marketing Products and Services Online

“I don’t like marketing” or “Marketing is too hard” is the mindset of many small business owners, especially those just starting out.

That’s a shame because marketing needs to be at the top of your priority list every day.  If you don’t plan on devoting the majority of your time to marketing your products or services, you may as well fold up your tent and leave camp!

Most of the time, a negative attitude toward marketing stems from misconceptions and a misunderstanding of the difference between advertising and marketing.

Let’s run through just seven (there are many more!) false impressions of marketing your business online:

1)  Marketing is a big bother and an interruption to

Actually, that statement pertains to “advertising”, NOT marketing.
Television advertisements are bothersome, for example, because they
interrupt the viewing of a program.  I haven’t met anyone yet who’s said, “I
love T.V. commercials!”  Marketing is not a blatant “in your face” method of
making sales.  Marketing is a much softer and palatable business-building
2)  People won’t be interested in what I have to offer.

In other words, “People won’t buy what I’m selling”.  Not true.  If you’ve
taken the time to study the demographics of your target audience and
you’ve done some thorough keyword research, then you can market
confidently knowing there’s a flock of potential clients or customers that
want what you have to offer.  Marketing is about establishing and nurturing
relationships with your prospects through a crystal clear understanding of
their problems and the solutions you offer.
3)  It probably won’t work anyway, so why bother?
Oh, brother.  I’ve heard this one more times than I care to count. 
Developing the right kind of “marketing mindset” matters.  Giving up before
you even try is a one-way ticket to failure.  If you maintain a defeatist
attitude, your business will not thrive.  The only way to get past this type of
thinking is to dig your heels in and take some action!  You need to “test” a
marketing strategy or platform first, give it a fair amount of time, and see if
it’s working for you.  
4)  Marketing is way too expensive.
Rubbish!  Advertising can empty your wallet pretty quickly, but marketing
can easily be done effectively on a tight budget.  The majority of the
successful marketing strategies I use cost $0.  So even if you’re on a super
slim budget, don’t sweat it. There are literally hundreds of free marketing
platforms.  Want to learn more about marketing on a zero-dollar budget?
Download a Free Shoestring Marketing Kit.
5)  Only business owners with sub-standard products or services need
Ouch!! I always want to fall off my chair when I hear someone say this and
I’ll never understand the origin of this misconception.  In fact, EVERY solo
professional needs to market their business. Once again, marketing needs
to be your highest priority.  Without marketing, don’t expect sales … period.
6)  Marketing leads straight to rejection.
Wrong.  “Selling” can lead to rejection.  No one likes to sell or be sold. 
Marketing, on the other hand, is a means of avoiding rejection.  Once
people get to know you better through your marketing, they’ll begin to like
you and, ultimately, trust you.  Then and only then will they feel
comfortable enough to make a purchase.  Remember that your primary
marketing goal is to build relationships with your prospects.
7)  I’m a lousy writer.  No one will want to read my
I’m going to ask you to trust me here.  You don’t need to be Ernest
Hemmingway to market your products and services online.  You need to
be YOU!  Whether you are crafting blog posts, articles, e-books, reports, or
sales pages – your writing will resonate with people if you use your
authentic voice.  But if you absolutely hate to write or you don’t really “get”
what being your authentic self in writing is all about – my friend and
colleague, Lisbeth Tanz, (corporate sales and marketing escapee!) can get
you on track and up to speed in just one weekend.  Look her up and check
out her Savvy Article Marketing Success Weekend.  Lisbeth offers a
simple, yet effective process to get business owners in action writing about
what they know best – their industry and business.

Just push these false impressions aside and get ready to love marketing!


  • Sam

    Great post, Melanie. Marketing has such a stigma attached to it and yet it is so important. I think many people think marketing is just for bigger companies and automatically think of leaflets, TV ads and expense. It’s so not true though, as you rightly point out. Marketing is for everyone, whether it’s promoting your company or your own personal brand – and it can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be. All it really needs to cost is a bit of time but what you get back in return could be priceless.

    • Well stated, Sam!

      Small business owners oftentimes confuse marketing with advertising and then they become very intimidated by it. Marketing really is not an overwhelming activity and it can be tons of fun!

      I like what you said about the priceless return you can get from your efforts.

      Thank you for knocking on my door and now I’m intrigued to go and read your “scary” post. 🙂


  • Boy oh boy! Haven’t we all used these excuses? Unfortunately, you are right. There are many more! LOL Let’s just get over them and get out there and market ourselves!!

    • I’m with you on that thought, Martha! We need to just get ourselves out there and share our talents with others! It’s not difficult at all. As a matter of fact, I think you’ll agree that marketing is fun.

      You go girl!

  • Thanks so much for this article Melanie. I am stuck in a bit of a marketing rut for my little business. Your points really spoke to me, and I’m now motivated to get going and actually start marketing myself properly. I’m starting with a free report for brides. Wish me luck!

    • That’s the spirit, Jessica!

      And you’re starting out the right way by offering your target audience something of value that will give them the chance to see what you’re all about. Every communication after they download your free report will help to strengthen your relationship with them. You can do it!!

      Wishing you the very best of success and all the joys in life!

      I’m here if you ever need some pointers or a listening ear,

  • Melanie, you’ve really hit on the top “stops” business owners have regarding marketing. And if they believe them, nothing will happen in their business. You did a good job of refuting each one in a reasonable and believable way. Love the Shoestring Marketing Kit!

    And thank you for the plug on my upcoming program – Savvy Article Marketing Success. Looking forward to playing with lots of people who want to move their businesses forward through the written word. And having the articles written is just the beginning!

    • Thanks, Lis! These may be some of the top “stops”, but, sadly, the list goes on.

      Lots of good stuff in the Shoestring Marketing Kit! Jessica Swanson is one of my mentors and she’s a really good egg. Enjoy!

      Your article marketing success weekend deserves a plug. I can already imagine the numbers of online marketers who are going to find their authentic voice and (maybe at long last!) create a business that flourishes! You shine!

      Write On!

  • Excellent article, Melanie. I may ‘borrow’ some of your content for my new ebook I’m writing ! Chapter 3 is on sales so it would tie right in.
    Take care. Have an awesome day.

    • Joyce!! Are you kidding? You don’t even have to ask. 🙂 I’d be honored to have my content in your e-book. I’m glad you liked my post and found some value in it for your target audience.

      Have a terrific Tuesday!

      Much love,