• I have dropped out of big guru lists that push a new product every day… It may have worked in the past but I think consumers are becoming more selective in what they are buying and don’t want products presented to them everyday.

    I guess if you have lists of 100,000… you can get by with it but most marketers are in the building process and can’t afford to “tick” their customers off.

    • I love your outlook on the “guru” issue, Kathy. May I adopt it as my own? Honestly, I’m starting to become cynical about the practice of people infiltrating my inbox on a daily basis. It’s NOT MY STYLE and I don’t enjoy it! The gurus can tell me all day long, if they wish, that you’ve got to send emails every day or three times a week to be successful. Interesting, isn’t it? I DON’T LIKE IT so why would I think anyone else would??!

  • I totally agree with dipping your toe and getting to know before you move on. It is easy to jump the gun and not take advantage of the time you have put into a site or an affiliate product.

    I read where someone said there is always more ways to promote and more people to promote to.

    • Ditto that, Sheila!

      I believe some people just get so excited and so overzealous that they sign up to be an affiliate for tons of different products and programs without stopping to consider the ramifications. Every affiliate program I’ve joined requires somewhat of a learning curve and lots of time to put together an effective marketing campaign and strategy — even if the affiliate program has tons of built-in resources. Plus — you and I already know this, but representing too many products at once takes away from your professionalism. You just end up looking like a snake oil salesman!

      P.S. Please say “Hi” to Kathy. Love you both. 🙂