• Good strategy, Veronica — sounds pretty sensible and worth the effort to me!
    Thanks for swinging by. 🙂

  • These “vocabulary words” and definations are going in my special notebook. I think that if I “tag” each of my contacts that are not quite the “ideal target range” with an “identity”, then I can figure out how to move them to a different level. In my business, I have a large range of ideal customers and it makes my marketing very differential and stategic.

  • Good tips, Sheila! I’ve been hearing positive feedback about using “Google Trends” but I’m not familiar with “Google Insights.” Thank you — I’ll do my research. 🙂

    I’ve also got “Google Alerts” set up with keywords specific to my niche. I find it a really good tool.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Melanie,
    I think you pretty much covered it. Sometimes people will look at income levels, for instance if you were selling real estate you might find that helpful.

    I like to use Google trends and Google Insights, to identify a target market.