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  • What a fantastic article! My business plan is made at the end of every year but it is “tweaked” every few months. AND, my mission statement is on my desk so I don’t forget what it is I’m trying to accomplish! Especially in the online world, distractions can make us forget who we are trying to serve and what our goal is. Thanks for a really informative article!

    • Hi Martha,

      Chris did a fabulous job on this article and I’m so happy you stopped by to read it.

      You’ve brought up a really good point about business plans. They’re never engraved in granite, are they? I think that’s the beauty of being an entrepreneur — the freedom to adjust your course as you navigate along your unique path to success. 🙂

  • This article is really good and I see some similarities on making a strategic plan with creating a “vision”. I read a book relating to that, it is entitled “Full Steam Ahead”. Check out my brief book review on that here:

    • Hi Maybelle — nice to meet you!

      Thanks for swinging by to catch Chris’s article and for sharing your book review site. I think you’ll really enjoy meeting my friend, Janette Fuller, who also writes book reviews.

      Look her up and introduce yourself! http://janettefuller.com

  • What a wonderful article Melanie. You are sharing some really great tips and advice for putting together that ever so important ‘business plan’. I know I have been developing my plan for years now! I think a huge factory in any business is flexibility. I love how you mention clarity is key. If that is the one thing that has finally sunk into my busy brain, it is just that. So important to be clear on what, why and who you are in your business.

    Thank you for your wonderful promotion of Chris Makell as she is a tremendous business professional.

    Your business ethics and efforts are amazing and always inspiring Melanie!

    • Thanks so much, Lynn, and I’m really glad to know you found some value in Chris’s article.

      I thoroughly enjoyed this article when I discovered it in Chris’s newsletter today and I couldn’t resist posting here at Solo Mompreneur. 🙂

      If you’ve been developing your business plan for years, then you’re right on track! Making tweaks and changes along the way is precisely what small business owners need to do. There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” plan.

      Thanks for stopping by!