• Hi Elle – nice to meet you!

    Happy you like the free website submitter and it works so fast, you’ll be amazed. And you can’t beat a freebie like this that submits to 120+ search engines at once. And be sure to remember to ping out your blog posts to all the blog directories, too. It only takes one click of your mouse. 🙂

  • Great useful sites! I’m glad I came across your blog, the free submission tool is great!

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  • Thanks Melanie,

    I checked out the Website Submitter, it is very nice and does compare to the paid sites.

    I love simple marketing tools.

    • I like simple marketing tools, too, Sheila. And I’m happy that you went ahead and checked out the free website submitter. It’s pretty slick, isn’t it? I looked high and low for ages to find a way to submit to a lot of search engines at once without having to pay a fee. It’s just one of those items that wasn’t in my business budget. Well, this tool fit the bill! And it’s cool that it submits to 120+ engines at once. Can’t beat that deal. 🙂

      And in case you’re wondering … I’m not an affiliate or associated with the site owner in any way.

  • Cool, these 3 tips are awesome – succinct and simple.

    Another “magic trick” is to share your blog on blogging communities like http://www.blogengage.com, http://www.mmosocialnetwork.com, and http://www.bizsugar.com. Here you can get great traffic from other bloggers, writers and professionals “voting up” your blogs.

    • Thanks, Fiona – now you’ve added 3 more magic marketing resources to our bag of tricks! 🙂