• Thank you! I kinda put my own spin on the books I want to write… and I will continue to use this list for inspiration and guidance as the days of the ultimate blog challenge go by. Come check it out! 🙂

    • Hey Danielle — thanks for swinging by!

      Glad you found a little spark of inspiration in this list and I’m sure you’re going to have a really fun ride during the UBC.

      Michelle Shaeffer is a colleague, a fab fellow mompreneur blogger, and one of my dearest online pals. I’ve participated in the Ultimate Blog Challenge twice already and it was tons of fun! 🙂

      Happy Blogging!

  • Hello again, Darlene!

    I checked out your blog and I wanted to let you know I’ve been a perinatal educator and lactation specialist for the past 30 years. So we definitely have something in common!

    My expertise is in childbirth education, early pregnancy, infant care, and breastfeeding. I love the “business of babies” and I never grow tired of the miracle of birth. I have a hunch you feel the same way. 🙂

    Please keep me in mind if you’d ever like to collaborate on a project related to birthing. And please stay in touch!


  • Thank you for the title suggestions — I’ve made notes and hope to incorporate them into this month’s blogging challenge!

    • You’re welcome, Darlene!

      And if you poke around here a bit, you’ll find another post entitled “20 MORE Blog Post Titles For You.” 🙂

      Happy Blogging,

  • Wonderful ideas of what to post about. My question is, I hit your blog networks to be added and then my face is not on it, I wonder why? It’s like when I want to be added it won’t let me. Any ideas?

    Thanks, Jackie

    • Wonderful to meet you, Jackie, and you’ve asked a great question!

      The photos in the Networked Blogs widget “rotate”. I know it seems kind of goofy but that’s how it works. Whenever I follow someone on NB, my photo doesn’t always immediately show up, either. But I may see it there the next time I visit.

      There’s one other possibility for why this happens …

      Networked Blogs on Facebook has a specific “limit” on the number of blogs you can follow. Once you’ve reached your quota, the only way to follow someone’s blog is if you delete one of the blogs you’re already following.

      Hope this helps.

      Glad you discovered a few blog post ideas here. 🙂

  • I got bored this pass weekend so had a party on my blog lol worked out quite well. Will try one of your suggestions and let u know 😀

    • Thanks for knocking on my door, Leanne!

      I’m sorry I missed the party on your blog. Doggone it! I always miss out on all the fun. Maybe you’ll invite me next time?

      Would love to have you share the party details with my readers. Don’t hold back — give us all the scoop! 🙂


  • Kate! What a joy to see you here. 🙂

    Glad I could “spice up” your list of ideas and excited to find out you may be doing a series on podcasting!

    We have so many wonderful tools to use like Audio Boo, Cinchcast, Podbean, Audio Acrobat, ipadio — the list is a mile long — to share our expertise with our target audience by using our voices. I love podcasting.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts today!

  • Thanks for the inspiration, Melanie. I’m thinking about the Guilty Pleasures with Gratitude! I’m leaning towards Podcasting as the basis for a series. One way I generate more ideas for blog posts is to think about a theme and launch a series of posts. Your list has added some spice to my list of ideas. Thanks!

  • I checked out your site, Glennette, and now I’m following your Networked Blog on Facebook — great stuff!

    Thanks for swinging by and sharing your thoughts. Your series on Keyword Research should be of great interest to many of my readers. 🙂

  • Great post Melanie. I am always looking for new post ideas. My website is about web design, hosting, search engine optimization etc. so there’s lots to talk about but for some reason, I draw a blank sometimes. I’m currently doing a series on WordPress plugins and a series on Keyword Research. Thanks again!

  • Good to know, Cindy! And I’m so happy you stopped by. I hope even just one or two of these titles will come in handy for you. 🙂

    Happy Blogging!

  • Hi Melanie,

    I love this list for blogging. Thank you for sharing these great ideas. I will plan to use some of them this month.


  • Love it, love it!! Especially My Mother’s On Facebook! My sons could write that post and not miss a beat! Really creative titles. I’m stashing them away for that writer’s block I’ve heard so much about! Thanks 🙂

    • Hey Martha – I’m happy you’re here and I’m even happier that you’re grabbing these titles … just in case. 🙂

      Ooh … I want to read your post about Facebook Networked Blogs. Sounds exactly like my cup of tea!

  • Awesome post!! Thanks, Melanie.

    • Thanks so much, Michelle – and I think I’ll offer everyone some more titles before the close of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I’ve got a list that would stretch from here to Alaska! 🙂

  • These are some great title ideas 😉 I’m working on a few that pop out at me! Look for them being posted .. I cannot wait! I am really getting into this blogging thing. Soon I will be a pro. Now if I could just customize templates faster, that would be awesome! LOL

    • Go with your strengths, Kimberly! And I’m really happy that you found a title or two that resonates with you. Hey, that rhymes!

      Please come back and share your posts with me. I’ll be anxious to see which ones you found appealing. Everyone seems to like this little gift so, ya know what? I think I’ll hand out a few more titles before the blogging challenge ends. Be on the lookout. 🙂

      Write On!

  • I love these! Although I blog about Gratitude, I can certainly use many of these! I see these as great ways to attract my readers to pique their interest! I most likely will not blog about the technical aspects of which plug-ins i am using, I will post about “My guilty pleasures” (maybe I will compare my list with Ken’s! 🙂 as well as “What I spend my money on.”

    Thanks for the great titles!

    Be Well.
    Paul B. Taubman, II

    • It’s a pleasure to meet you, Paul, and I’m counting on seeing your post and Ken’s on “Ten Guilty Pleasures”. As a matter of fact, I’m anxious to see if the two of you will write about any of the SAME things! Should prove to be interesting. 🙂 Please come back and let me know when your post is ready, okay?

      “The Gratitude Guru” is a pretty cool handle. I think this world would be a whole lot better place, for starters, if everyone started out each day (as soon as our feet hit the floor in the morning) by focusing on what we’re grateful for — even just one tiny thing. I think it’s the best breakfast for the soul.

      So glad you were able to find some value in this post as well as a few titles and ideas you can use.

      Knock on my door anytime,

  • Interesting tips, Melanie. I love the 10 Guilty Pleasures one!

    • Great, Ken! Now I want to see a post about your 10 guilty pleasures – get busy!

      I’m waiting … 🙂

  • This is truly generous, Melanie! Especially for bloggers working their way thru month-long challenges, this list is invaluable – appreciation!

    • For blog challenge participants, in particular, who are faced with daily posting accountability, a little inspiration goes a long way! 🙂

      I’m always coming up with titles and I find ideas everywhere. I hope you’ll choose one or two and run with them! Or maybe pass this post along to someone you know who’s stumped for a topic.

      Thanks, Phila!