20 Best Blogging Tips – Compliments of Members of the Tweet Like Comment Club

Enjoy these blogging tips from 20 members of the “T.L.C. Club”, jot down the ones that resonate with you, and get out into the blogosphere and rock your blog!

Sweepy Jean: I try to limit the post length to about 500 words. We all have good intentions, but with so many blogs competing for attention, the shorter ones are going to be read fully, the others maybe will be skimmed over. I don’t go crazy over it, and occasionally the subject matter requires more space. But when I hit the 500 word mark, I know it’s time to wrap it up or if possible, edit it down.

Maureen Hunter: Although a relatively new blogger I would have to say from my own experiences, blog about what fires your Mojo. Write about what you know of, inspires you, or feel would be of most benefit to others. Don’t be afraid to show something of yourself that others can relate to.

Hajra Khatoon: One thing that I keep in mind is that I keep my posts within a word limit. When I hunt blogs, I find that I lose interest when the post is way too long. So I decided to keep mine at a length that is able to capture and hold the readers interest and attention.

Veronica Campos-Hallstrom: Although I have a running list of ideas, in the middle of the night something may come to mind that is worth writing down.  So, get your fresh idea on paper or print before it slips away, even if you sacrifice your sleep – you can always take a power nap the next day!

Dani Nir-McGrath: I always get inspired at off times when I can’t actually write a blog…kids are in the tub, driving, or putting the kids to sleep.  So, when my brain is creative, I want to capture the thought so I don’t lose it.  I just jot down the theme and maybe a sentence or two (or maybe a heading) that I’m thinking.  If I can’t write, I call and dictate the thoughts on my home voicemail from my cell while I’m driving or send a text on my phone with the thoughts from tub-side. Then when I’m sitting down to blog, I have a concept, a few sentences, and even a heading to build from!

Melissa Austin: Write about whatever “lights your fire”. Find a niche and go with it. By writing on a certain niche, be it business, a mommy blog, or fitness – makes it so your blog is easier to find. Readers will be more attracted a blog that has a niche and stays on topic. Also, don’t forget spell check. It seems so simple, but it is often forgotten. You want people to come back to your blog, not avoid it.

Leanne Chesser: My best blogging tip is to have a theme or topic or niche for your blog and write within that area. Write what you’re passionate about.  Also, respond to all comments. This creates a culture or an atmosphere on your blog of “interaction” and “relationship”. And design your blog so that it’s easy to read and navigate.

Janette Fuller: My best blogging tip is toknow your audience”. Who are you trying to reach? Who are you trying to appeal to? What are their interests? What do they do for fun? To be able to able to effectively communicate, you have to have some idea of “who” is reading your material so you can package it in the best possible ways.

Leona Martin: This is from the 31 Days to A Better Blog: Day 1: Develop an Elevator Pitch for your Blog. Why?  “YOU as a blogger need to have thought through and crystallized in your mind what your blog is about.”  I like this idea because I have an elevator pitch for my business when I attend networking events so why not my blog, too?!  Put your Elevator Pitch on your business card, email signature, and on all your social media profiles!

Amberly Mauszycki: Just simply “be yourself” when writing.  If you are writing and your true personality comes out in your blog posts, people will relate more with you on a personal level and want to read your articles more than a post that sounds too stiff and un-natural.  Blogging should really be about branding yourself, and if your true personality isn’t coming through in your posts, people aren’t getting to know YOU.  I also suggest doing vlogs (video blogs) to develop more of a connection with your readers.

Jennifer Puckett: I have been such a slacker at this great tool that I should be utilizing for my business! This time around I am writing my posts in advance which is helping me to stay more organized and on top of things, hoping I can keep that up. I also think writing down the topics or ideas for the posts on a calendar in advance seems to help.

Cindy Murphy: One of my best tips, I learned from participating in blogging challenges. Try and write posts in advance and make sure you know how to set up the settings to have them go out on the scheduled time.  I didn’t know this at first and thanks to Michelle Shaeffer, I was able to get it to work.  Also, be yourself and talk with your target market.  Personalize your posts to your audience and use stories to connect.

Janine Ripper: I’ve found that as I blog more and more, the posts that get the most traffic and comments are those that come from my heart and soul. At times it can be a big risk – because you are putting part of yourself on line, but it is so worth it. I’d also suggest following other blogging experts on Twitter such as ProBlogger, etc., as the tips and posts they tweet can be invaluable.

Gwen Tanner: Answer the comments people leave on your blog.  If a visitor asks a question, then provide an answer as quickly as possible (many will keep checking back!).  Even simply thank them for visiting your site. Also, make sure there is a way for visitors to contact you on your site that is NOT through comments, Twitter, or Facebook. Sometimes people want to ask you a question directly or get clarification or just tell you how much they love your blog, so leave your email or create a contact form that is easy to find on your blog.

Martha Giffen: My best tip would be to JUST DO IT! It’s easy to sit and “think” about blogging but to have a great blog,you need to consistently add great content.

Roberta Budvietas: I find that if I blog in haste I really need to re-read to ensure my message does not get garbled. I have a helpful editor who listens to me read my blog before I post and tells me if I have gotten off track.

Kenneth Manesse: Blog just one day a week. I schedule all my blogs on Fridays for the whole week, it takes me 1 or 2 hours to do it, that way I don’t have any anxiety about each day. Cheers!

Bonnie Copeland: Join a group like the “T.L.C. Club” for advice and motivation! Seriously! I just finished a 31 Day Blog Challenge that taught me so much.  And check your links!  Dead links suck and ruin your credibility quickly.

Roy A. Ackerman: I have five or six blogs in the hopper (as drafts). I do bump and shift, given the exigencies of the day, but this process means I am never FORCED to write.

Melanie Kissell (Yours truly): It’s best to craft blog posts when you’re in the right mindset.  If you’re not truly in the “mood” for writing, your posts will reflect your disinterest and your writing will appear to be “forced”. So sit down and write like the Dickens when the spirit moves you!  Seize the moment and grab the blogging gusto when you can!

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  • Martyna! How sweet of you to stop by — thanks.

    This post was an opportunity for me to highlight some of the members of a blogging campaign I’m hosting. We have some super excited and very motivated bloggers.

    Ahh … John Carlton. Know what I like most about him? His advice to write down things you like to do and things you don’t like to do … and only do the things you like. 🙂

    See you in the blogosphere!

  • hey Melanie

    how are you doing?
    I like such lists- that is a long list of topics to talk about, a great great brainstorming session!

    what are your personal tips?
    I found some thoughts that resonate with me. Amberly Mauszycki- be yourself, write long or short, honest!
    but…it is not enough. Somehow all people are themselves, even if they are not original enough, they are shy or talk business, or something else…

    the key would be to mix it with … knowing why and what, for whom.

    Most of us write blogs to build personal brands, find new friends, earn money
    show what you want, and give what you have – if it is what your readers need.

    again – John Carlton comes to my . the master writer and a salesman

    thank you for the post

  • You’re quite welcome, Hajra, and we’re excited to have you on board. 🙂

    Dennis — Thanks for your comment and the title of your “Ahole” post looks pretty interesting. You’ve got my attention! 🙂

  • What great tips. Thanks, Melanie.

  • You have made me feel so special and important as a part of the group. I am truly honored and so lucky to be a part of this great community!

  • Sweepy (Adriene) and Cindy — you’re welcome!

    An important (and big!) goal I want to accomplish with our group of TLC-ers is to help everyone understand the “possibilities” with blogging and the value in “shared knowledge”.

    This post is just hitting the tip of the proverbial iceberg. 🙂

  • Hi Melanie,

    Thank you so much for putting this list together. Everyone had great tips and it’s is so awesome to be in that list myself. So greatful to be part of this awesome group and to know you as well.

    Have a wonderful rest of your day.


  • Thank you for putting together the summary of our discussion, Melanie! I was happy to share my tip and since I am still learning, I enjoyed hearing the tips from other club members.

  • Martha — thank you for saying it’s an honor to be associated with this group. And, by the same token, your input as a seasoned and successful blogger is welcomed and much appreciated.

    Your posts always rock!

  • Hey TLC-ers! Be sure to set aside a little time to get to know Paula Lee Bright: http://almost60really.com/

    She’s keeping it ‘real’ on her blog and she’s got a tremendous sense of humor!

  • Good one! It’s an honor to be associated with all the bloggers in this group. Smart cookies, every one!

  • You’ve said a mouthful with that one little word, Alyssa — “Fresh”! The biggest blogging faux pas is to allow your blog to become stale and stagnant or to regurgitate the “same old stuff” everyone else is writing about.

    Great tip! And we’re blessed to have you with us in the T.L.C. Club. 🙂

  • Blogging is so much fun, but admittedly it can become a chore sometimes. Keep it fresh!

  • What can I possibly say, Paula?! Brilliant (blogging) minds think alike. 🙂

    I had a feeling (after reading some of your fantastic posts) we might end up being two peas in a pod. And I love your phrase, “Just rolls off the keys”!

    I can’t stress this point enough and it’s truer than true. By golly, if I’m not in a “writing” mood … the page will remain blank until the right “write” mood strikes! Bet ya can’t say that ten times real fast. 🙂

    Really happy to find you here today. See you in the blogosphere soon.

  • Yvonne — I’ll second that motion — very valuable tips from Gwen! (I might be a little biased cause I happen to love her and I’m very acquainted with her work and the top notch expert she is in her niche). Same goes for YOU, by the way!

    In reference to Gwen’s tips …

    I just put up a “contact” form on my blog this past week. She must have been signaling me through mental telepathy. 🙂 But I think it’s absolutely essential. I figured the task of getting it accomplished had sat on my to-do list long enough and I’m pleased my readers now have an easy way to reach me directly.

    SO thrilled to have you as a member of the T.L.C. Club!

  • To all the diligent, wonderful, and motivated bloggers in the T.L.C. Club — thank you for completing your Monday Virtual Meet Up agenda last week. 🙂 YOU are the authors of this post!

    As I read through all your “best” blogging tips on our group page, I could quickly see a “common thread”. Along with all the other awesome tips, I sense the value you place on writing authentically, from the heart, passionately, and in any way that speaks directly and genuinely to your target audience. Kudos!

    You’re the gatekeepers of the secret to successful blogging!

  • You have accomplished the goal of supporting fellow bloggers…again, with this post. Thank you for inspiring and allowing the words of wisdom to flow! What a thrill too to be included on an actual “list”, it gave value to my opinion and maybe joy knowing that others can learn from my blogging experience.

  • Melanie…you are simply wonderful! Thank you for putting this all together! Love love LOVE it!

  • Wouldn’t you know it? I got to the final tip before finding my favorite. It happened to be yours. And wouldn’t you know it? It’s mine too!

    When I want to write, when I’m in the mood—man, I can talk on any topic under the sun, it feels like…It’s as if somebody is sitting there saying, “Uh huh, yeah. I know what you mean. Really? Me too!”

    It just rolls off the keys. (That doesn’t mean it’s all GOOD, but that can all be sorted out later.) And lo and behold, there’s a week of work that just 24 hours earlier seemed nigh on impossible. I GRAB those moments and write ’til the sun don’t shine! Sounds like you do too. I like that. 😀

  • There is so much value in the above tips that everyone of us who needs a boost in blogging can take something away. There are several that resonate with me and I really like Gwen’s tips because these are good ways to show the readers who come to our blog how much we appreciate them and this allows us to build a relationship with them and the know,like, and trust factor to grow.

    Thanks for sharing these tips, Melanie.

  • Melanie, brilliant! I love how you’ve brought this group of bloggers from all walks of life together! What a smart bunch 🙂

  • Thanks for creating this awesome post of great tips, Melanie!

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  • WOW, there is a wealth of information here. I am very happy to be part of this wonderful group. Thank you for organizing the TLC Club, Melanie.

  • Hey, that’s my name up there! 😉 Great post and tons of wonderful advice from some very supportive people!

  • Hi Melanie! Cool article!!! 🙂 Everyone has such great tips! Glad to be a part of such an awesome group!

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