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    Mel, this comment is for you AND Paula – Paula, you are not alone. 🙂

    First, the setup.

    I’d left a few comments here. A few hours later I cleared my browser cookies and rebooted. I suspected that when I was ready to return here, I would not see the comments that have gone before. I would only see the article and the comment form. I also did not expect to see the commentluv form (and I didn’t). Strangely, I DO see the TwitterLink form.

    Mel, this has happened to me countless times. I have not been participating in conversations at your house because of this. I HAVE been back to hang out, but when I encounter this situation, I can’t figure out what has happened to the comments on the post. (I’ve even thought it was some secret club and I needed the code!)

    But today I thought, let me just go ahead and comment. Maybe nobody’s home, but dang it, they oughta be! Well, imagine my surprise after I left my comment . . . The door opened wide and there were all the other folk at the party!

    When I saw Paula’s comment about not seeing the other comments, I knew I was vindicated! (OK, I knew there is something screwy going on and you are probably not aware of it.)

    I think it has to do with your blog setup, especially the “front page” and “blog page” settings. I also think there are some shenanigans going on with your RSS feed.

    I had occasion just recently — while setting up a new blog — to see how weirdly things can go when those settings are set a certain way. This is particularly the case when the blog is actually in a subdirectory but you want WordPress to manage the root directory, too.

    Sorry this was so long.

    Not knowing your setup exactly, this is speculation. Still, I wanted to be clear about what I *think* is happening in case others are wondering, too, as well as give you something to pass along to your tech person. Feel free to copy this comment to a text doc and delete it.

    See, entrepreneurs really do have to work extra hard!

    • Really appreciate your feedback on this, Vernessa … big time! Feel free to make valuable input like this as LENGTHY as you like.

      First off, please let me know if this comment shows up in your inbox, okay?

      I’m receiving email notification of my readers’ comments but after I come over here and reply to them, I don’t always see them on the page. Really strange. I’m heading over to my dashboard and dive into the comments management page and see if I get any clues there.

      Thanks again!

      • Mel I always get the notifications in my email, that is once I’ve left a comment on any post.

        Feel free to hit me up on Skype or email if I can help further. (I’m traveling Wednesday and part of Thursday so anytime after that.)

  • Hi, Melanie, I saw that there were additional comments (subscribed!) and came here to read them…but they’ve vanished! Are they hidden for good? Ah, well! No matter. 😀

    • Hey Paula!

      I’m overjoyed you returned to catch the rest of this way cool conversation.

      Don’t know “why” you’re not seeing the comments. Maybe try accessing my blog from a different browser. Vernessa is a techie wizard. If she catches this comment, maybe she’ll lend another suggestion.

  • Hi Melanie,

    … coupled with the Only thing that will bring you success …
    Good old fashioned elbow grease!

    How dare you burst the bubbles of the masses! All WORK and no “So easy a cavedog could do it” is just no FUN!

    We’re approaching autumn — a time for reflection and truth-telling. Looks like you’re sending us on our way so our Springtime can be better.

    • “So easy a cavedog could do it” LOL!!

      We’re certainly led to believe that, aren’t we, Vernessa? WRONG. It just ain’t so.

      THANK YOU for this beautiful thought …

      “We’re approaching autumn — a time for reflection and truth-telling. Looks like you’re sending us on our way so our Springtime can be better.”

      As much as I, fervently, embrace and cherish all the wonderment of life …

      I’m also one who (stubbornly) refuses to sugarcoat the truth!

      • I’m also one who (stubbornly) refuses to sugarcoat the truth!

        Definitely to be prized above all others! (Uh, not the ‘stubborn’ part, LOL)

        One of my absolute favorite songs of all time is “Making It Plain” by Helen Baylor. If the entirety of the song wasn’t enough to make it an all-time fave, one line in it sealed the deal: “I know the Man who wrote it, I’ll NEVER sugarcoat it!”

        Even so … I was glad when I discovered the words “euphemism” and “diplomacy.” Helped me blunt the bluntness. 🙂

        • ” Helped me blunt the bluntness.”

          LOVE that line, Vernessa! 🙂

          And now I’m going to have to give a listen to “Making It Plain” — thanks for sharing. xoxo

  • Rob

    Hey Melanie,

    Speak it my friend. That is the very thing that kept me here in my travels. To the point honesty.
    The work involved, as it turns out, can be well compensated. Not everything in life is so. Not all work pays in the ways or amounts that the on line world can and does. But the pay isn’t for everyone.
    It is saved for those willing to press on in the way another cool Pres expressed:
    Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.
    Abraham Lincoln

    Now, who will face the giants with me?

    • Rob!!

      I’m smiling right now. It’s wonderful (well, it’s actually better than wonderful!) to see you here today. 🙂

      Abe was right …

      “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.”

      You’ve hit the proverbial nail on the head with this …

      ” … the pay isn’t for everyone. It is saved for those willing to press on.”

      The “pressing on” is what counts.

      This crazy world of entrepreneurship is just that … crazy. The mistakes we make, the failures we endure, the disappointments we feel when people unsubscribe from our lists, the broken promises of alleged leaders and so-called experts that destroy our trust, the days we awaken and just don’t have the heart to go on …

      All of it encompasses the life of an entrepreneur.

      I’ve come to look at it as a “tradeoff with a payoff” …

      If I just keep “pressing on”. 🙂

    • Hi Ron & Mel,

      What is this … Abraham Lincoln “goes to blog” day? I just wrote an article that sorta features him as a pro blogger!

      His “always bear in mind” eschews mindlessness, keeping us “pressing on.” Thanks for letting me duck in here. 🙂

      • Duck in any time, Vernessa!

        The party is merely lukewarm without you.

        Good for us … we’ve got “Abe” on the brain. 🙂

  • Mel, you are so right! Everything is work. And apparently I’m doing it well. Tons of parents are writing me for help with their struggling readers.

    What I’m struggling with is the fact that I can’t seem to turn anyone away. They are all scared sh*tless about their kids, they all need help NOW, and for some bizarre reason, I keep saying yes, without us ever talking about money.

    Melanie, I am desperately in NEED of $$$$! What is wrong with me?

    Is it the public school teacher persona still alive within me? Is it the fact that I an’t bear to let a child go whom I know I can help?

    I am truly baffled. I’ll never make a go of this if I don’t charge. Yet everyone assures me they can’t afford help.

    I need ADVICE! 🙂

    • Great news, Paula, that tons of parents are reaching out to you for help!

      And I’m sure your compassionate heart and nurturing nature are playing into this whole (I can’t ask for money) scenario.


      Now in lieu of booking a flight and coming to your home to bop you over the head, let me say this …

      Your time is valuable! You have the knowledge and the expertise these parents are looking for to help their children.

      They have a PROBLEM — You have the SOLUTION … Period.

      Have you thought about putting up a super simple web page and directing all the requests for help there?

      Just have a headline, a brief intro (about all your awesomeness and credentials and years of experience), some bullet points listing the “benefits” of getting help from you, and a couple of testimonials from the parents of children you’ve helped. Of course, you’d have your little PayPal button front and center! You would need to give instructions on your “thank-you” page as to how they should contact you to schedule an appointment.

      Give that some SERIOUS thought and here’s another idea …

      If you’re seeing a “pattern” of the same kinds of questions/problems emerging, schedule a teleseminar or webinar and charge a fee to attend! Many of the professionals I know (love, and trust) charge $47 for a training session via teleseminar or webinar.

      I don’t need to book that flight, do I?!

      Let me know if this helps,

      P.S. You just received my $197 consulting session — for Free! Now get busy and take some action! 😉

      • Hi Paula and Mel,

        Paula, Mel’s advice is spot on and well “worth” a consulting fee. I say that because that’s surely how you have to look at what you do. Worthy enough to be paid for it — and its value doesn’t diminish even when you dispense advice for free. 🙂

        Mel, when you finish jetting around the world, all shade tree mechanics are congregating under the elm to share grease-monkey stories! 😉

        • Hi Vernessa,

          SO elated you chimed in here to support what I’ve shared with Paula.

          The woman is a natural-born teacher with eons of experience under her belt! No matter how you stack it up … Paula deserves to be financially compensated for her expertise. 🙂

          I have such a strong conviction about this issue because I tend to sell myself short sometimes (if you know what I mean, jelly bean). Enough already! If we don’t value ourselves and what we have to offer, who will?!

          Looking forward to meeting up with you to share grease-monkey stories under that shade tree. 😉

      • DON’T book the flight! You blew it on this one, Mel! Money is incoming. I just drew a line. Said I’m so sorry that you can’t afford it, but I have to live and this is my work. The serious ones are paying. The not-so-serious ones drop it. The ones who are truly in poverty continue to ask me questions, I continue to give advice, and sometimes lessons. Sound like I’m doing OK?

        Webinars: Yep! Got the webinar advice loud and clear, and am in the process. Scared, but excited! Thanks a million, and wow, this was a true bargain! ;D

        • Oh, goody! You’re back, Paula.

          “Scared, but excited!” — that’s exactly the way you’re supposed to be feeling about hosting a webinar. PLEASE remember to invite me, okay? And maybe sometime we could even host a webinar or teleseminar together. Now, that would be fun! 🙂

          What you’re experiencing with those that pay for your help and those that don’t is very typical. It’s totally understandable if someone is in dire straits and really and truly cannot afford to pay your fees. BUT … there are also those folks who absolutely can afford to fork over the dough but they simply choose to continue to seek help for free.

          For those that are in a pickle (financially speaking) …

          Have you ever considered “bartering”? Maybe some of these people have skills and talents they can share with you in exchange for your services. I realize this doesn’t put money in the bank for you and you certainly couldn’t go this route very often. But it might be something to think about if the occasion arises.

          Can’t wait for your webinar announcement! 🙂

  • Hi Melanie,

    Ain’t that the Truth! It’s Work!

    My biggest challenge is finding the time for everything. My blog is suffering from inconsistent posting, and commenting on my favorite blogs has been difficult to squeeze in time for… and it’s one of my MOST favorite things to do!

    However, one of my greatest strengths is writing, which is why I’m a paid content provider (daily blog posts) for a membership site owned by a client, a ghostwriter for another client’s daily blog, and a sales letter copywriter for several clients as needed.

    Oh, and I also build websites. LOL.

    I will be expanding my business by taking on more clients, but this time in a group instead of individually. (Starting later this year.)

    How about you, my friend. What’s on your horizon? 😉

    • What’s on my horizon?

      A “NAP” is on my horizon after reading about everything you’re working on! 🙂

  • Melanie, I love your posts you manage to pack a punch so succinctly (btw, which plugin do you use for your fonts etc – having trouble getting one Im happy with – ty)
    What you say is so very true. I have been very guilty of thinking that my raving funs with pocketfuls of money will find me easily and willing hand over their hard earned cash for what I am offering……WRONG!!!
    To answer your questions
    I struggle with preventing burnout by trying to do so much myself and getting distracted by things which can wait
    I believe my passion and commitment to be my greatest strengths and the next 6 months Ill be working passionately at income producing activities so I can keep on doing what I love.

    • Thanks a heap, Maureen. You always brighten up my day! I would really love to carry you around in my back pocket everywhere I go. 🙂

      Here’s the plugin I use and I’m quite pleased with it:


      You’ll see all the wonderful “drop and drag” options you have with it and one of them is “Font Family”. I’m a big fan of the “Georgia” font (I love the song, too!) LOL!

      I’m a member of this club, too …
      “I struggle with preventing burnout.”

      Let’s face it. We’re two peas in a pod …
      “I believe my passion and commitment to be my greatest strengths.”

      Now I don’t want to sound like I’m lecturing you, but here’s a piece of advice I hope you’ll take to heart …

      While you’re seriously and steadfastly working on biz-building (income-producing!) activities, let everything else go. And if that means you have to stop blogging for a month, then stop. I mean it. Do whatever it takes to stay laser-focused on projects or programs or products you’re working on and don’t allow anything to get in your way.

      Okay, I’m jumping down from my soapbox now.


  • Hi Sam!

    A move is bound to slow you down for a while, but life is always going to happen, right? I hope you fall in love with your new surroundings!

    Networking and building relationships is definitely your strength. 🙂

    Given everyone’s personal set of circumstances, time management can be the biggest challenge. I’ve said it many times before, but try your best to relax about it and remember that “flexibility” is the key.

    There will be some days when you’ll get far more accomplished than you ever imagined. And other days you’ll feel like you’re standing still. People tend to get really frustrated when they attempt to engrave their plans in stone and then something happens that prevents them from following through.

    My best advice for managing your time (regarding business-building specifically) is to put 4 daily activities on your calendar you want to get completed — no more than that. Once you’ve finished those, you’re done working your business for the day. If you do this consistently, you’ll find that you’ll start making really good progress and start seeing desired results.

    Thank you so much for being here today!

    • That’s so true, Melanie! I should probably stop thinking wistfully that I’ll achieve a perfect rhythm with productivity and efficiency because life always happens and when it comes to priorities, life comes first for me. =)

      I love your concrete advice on getting things done! I have a little notebook beside me that I’ve only been using to help me schedule tweets, but what a great idea to take advantage of it for getting things done as well! =) Sometimes, you need to bonk me on the head with those common sense ideas. Haha! Thanks so much, Melanie!! =)

      • Bonk! Bonk! 🙂

        Thanks for coming back over to share your thoughts on this, Sam. Take my suggestion of doing just 4 biz-related activities per day and try it on for size for the next 30 days. It can’t hurt … and it just might help!

        I’m a “notebook” kind of gal, too. Although I use some online organizational tools, I prefer to have something tangible in front of me.


  • WOW! A powerful message and powerful questions, Melanie! I’m so in line with hard work. I always try to put in more than I need to because a good reputation has made all the difference more than a couple times in my life.

    As for your questions, I’m *definitely* struggling with time management right now, especially since Roy and I are planning to move to Trujillo in August and need to take TWO more trips! EEK! I like to think that my greatest strength is in networking and building online friendships, but at the same time, I always feel that I’m lacking, that I could do more (if I had more time). =P So I guess my next step would definitely have to be prioritizing better because everything else is connected to it!

    Thank you so, so much for having me think about this, Melanie!

  • Everyone wants to be an overnight success. Never mind that many of the “overnight successes” that they look up to have spend years doing exactly what you describe: WORK!

    Here is dirtly little secret again…

    Thank you for dispelling the notion that that creating a successful business can be done without the elbow grease.

    • It’s a “dirty” job, Daphne … but somebody’s got to do it! May as well be me. 😉

      Isn’t it interesting sometimes the email blasts and ads we receive and invitations to teleseminars, etc., that sort of “conveniently” leave out any mention of precisely how much WORK is involved?

      Not only are many entrepreneurs looking for overnight success, they’re looking for overnight “sales”! If only it could happen that way, right?

      People may not want to hear this, however …

      Most successful small businesses took at least 2+ years of elbow grease and the nose to the grindstone (plus lots of sacrifices!) to become a vibrant, thriving biz.

      Thanks for the visit!

  • Hey Melanie,

    That is a lot of work for one post! And for a lazy soul like me, that is double the work to just think about it! 😉

    I thin, work is everywhere, even if you want to find happiness you have to work for it! Really, everything involves work and you are he only wind of change that can happen. 🙂

    Lovely post lady! Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks for chiming in, Hajra!

      LOVE this …

      ” … you are he only wind of change that can happen.” 🙂

      Keep on Kvetching!

  • Elbow grease and lots of patience. All these truths Melanie make for a wonderful checklist. If anyone thinks they can cut corners or completely automate all of this will find out quickly that it will not be building much of a successful long term business.

    I agree with Pamela, “Oftentimes people want to outsource and automate things before they’ve done the WORK!” I often wonder, if you outsource and don’t understand or have experience the task at hand, how in the world do you communicate to someone else to do what is best for you and your business.

    So I say, face the truths, hit them head on and again, have patience. When you put time into your desire, devotion and determination — good things will happen!

    Will be happy to share your post Melanie to all my fans, followers and clients — and hope they will do the same.

    • Whew!

      You’ve said a mouthful, Lynn — every word of it the truth!

      And this part says it all …

      ” When you put time into your desire, devotion and determination — good things will happen!” 🙂

      I totally agree with Pamela, as well. I don’t see how it’s possible to outsource a task you can’t perform yourself or know nothing about. That’s ludicrous.

      Thanks for your generosity in going the extra mile to pass this post along.

      You Shine!

  • Amen! Such a fun but true post Melanie. You said something that all of us wanted to but wouldn’t. HA!

    • I’ll second that “Amen”, Alyssa! 🙂

      One small observation I think is worth mentioning …

      I believe some product and program owners don’t want to divulge the actual amount of WORK it’s going to take to put their offerings into action and see results. Have you noticed that, too, Alyssa?

      And it’s a shame they won’t just lay it on the line. People would actually respect them more if they did.

      Because in my way of thinking, it would be better to be totally transparent and let people know exactly what to expect in lieu of leading them down the “Primrose Path”.

      Thank you for stopping by today!

  • Oh my gosh a four letter word. Lovely touch yet again Melanie

    • LOL! Thanks, Roberta.

      At least this one isn’t naughty. 🙂

  • I think the most problematic fact is the organization of time. You’ll need to find that perfect balance of work and free time. I’m struggling with this the most, working online from home have’s its own downs, its really hard to focus, especially when the internet can be such a big distraction from actually working on the internet.

    • You’re definitely not alone, Christian.

      One of the biggest challenges many entrepreneurs face is trying to balance career and life.

      It’s pretty tricky!

      I’m a single mom and I work three part time jobs offline so I really have to get very creative on making time to work my online biz. “Flexibility” is the key. There’s really no other answer. You have to accept and acknowledge that you’ll have some days when you’ll get a lot done and other days when nothing will get accomplished.

      The internet has a myriad of “distractions” … no doubt about it. It takes a strong will, commitment, and laser focus to not allow those things to steal your valuable time.

      Thanks for the visit!

  • Great insights and questions! We all bring our strengths to the table along with our passions. In my case, my networking and organizational skills along with a healthy dose of personal drive serve me well. The biggest surprise has been that once the success starts flowing, how FAST it comes! I think if we leave our expectations at the door and contue to movE forward, unpredictable doors start to open. At least, that’s been my experience. Thanks for asking!

    • Martha!

      Grateful to God you’re feeling better. You had us all worried there for a while.

      ” … my networking and organizational skills along with a healthy dose of personal drive”

      You can say THAT again! You definitely possess those attributes … and then some. 🙂

      Thank you for sharing.

      Love you!

  • If you are willing to invest a large amount of time and effort, you will reap rewards.
    If you are doing something you enjoy, you can spend many hours “working” but the time just seems to fly by. If you do what you love, it doesn’t really seem like work at all.
    I think it becomes a burden when you get bogged down with making money and lose sight of your passion.

    • Awesome point and perspective, Janette!

      Yes, I agree! Work doesn’t feel like work when you’re doing what you love. 🙂

      However, all kinds of work still has to be done when you’re a business owner — even some critical tasks that aren’t so enjoyable.

      The main point I was hoping to get across is that entrepreneurs can’t just dismiss certain biz-building tasks, sweep them under the rug, or think they can simply put everything on “automatic mode” — in an attempt to shortcut the actual work that needs to be done.

      Glad you knocked on my door today!. And best wishes for loads of success with your new book promo service — You Rock!


  • Theoretically, breathing is work. We don’t think much about it- but it uses a lot of our energy. Just like these activities. They are the respiratory processes required to keep our dream alive. And, like breathing- which provides us with the oxygen we need to survive and discards the carbon dioxide that will put us to sleep, so, too, these processes render our venture’s survival and thriving possible.
    So, it’s just a mental attitude. To steal something I wrote on WAHM’s site… remember “I am somebody”. And, to STAY that somebody you want to be- this is what we do!

    • Right on, Roy!

      To tell you the truth, “breathing” really should have been on this list, even though it’s an involuntary response.

      Many entrepreneurs are “holding” their breath as they work to build their businesses — anxiously waiting to exhale.

      And some are hyperventilating and desperately needing to re-breathe their own carbon dioxide.

      Thanks for offering up your insights,

  • Amen! xD xD xD

  • Hi Melanie,

    What a timely post as I have been thinking about the direction of my blog. I have experienced first hand that it is a lot of work to get things going and another question that comes to mind is how much am I willing to work to get my online business going? I have realized it can’t be at the expense of a few things and am trying to find that balance. At the moment, I am still trying to figure it all out 🙂

    I would like to second what Pamela has said about people jumping in and wanting to automate even before they have done any work. I have always felt that there is nothing wrong with exchanging time for money and when you have done that, hey, you can move on to automating things to bring in passive income. The work part, for me, is like building a strong foundation that enables the passive income side of business to be effective.

    I hope that all makes sense!

    Thanks for the post,

    • Diana, trust me when I say …

      You are going about this absolutely 100% right! You’re carefully and cautiously moving toward your goals.

      Let me tell you a secret …

      You’re eons ahead of tons of other people in your strategy and I applaud you! The way you’re building your “foundation” right now will provide you with big payoffs down the line.

      It’s all right that you’re still trying to figure things out and your blog is just evolving. My best advice is to not allow anyone to pressure you in any way.

      Thanks for joining in the conversation — I really appreciate your input!

      P.S. Excited about magically appearing on your blog next month. Can’t wait! Thanks again for inviting me to be your guest. 🙂

  • Wow Melanie, I always thought that using 4-letter words in a post could be a turn-off!!! (smile)

    It has never been more clear to me that this can be a “secret” some gurus don’t want to share. Why? Because as things are moving faster, business owners want to confuse fast with easy…and that couldn’t be farther from the truth — as we know it!

    I’ve worked with many business owners and I’m fond of telling them that there is no silver bullet. And that the rewards are so much sweeter when you’ve invested in yourself and your business with time, money and effort.

    So thank you for sharing this impressive list of “work” items that reveals the truth — as we know it! 😉

    • Hey Chris!

      I hope no one glosses over this part in your remarks …

      ” … this can be a “secret” some gurus don’t want to share.”

      You’re darn right they don’t want to share this big fat secret!

      Heaven forbid they should let someone in on the fact that business- building tasks and activities oftentimes have to be LEARNED first before they’re implemented. And as you shared, there is NO silver bullet … or magic wand, for that matter!

      Thanks so much for sharing your pearls of wisdom,

  • Melanie … I love this!!! Since I help coaches, consultants, speakers and experts to “automate” their income and “clone” themselves with online tools (such as video) your post is right on the money!

    EVERYTHING begins with work. Oftentimes people want to outsource and automate things before they’ve done the WORK! And that just won’t work. (pun intended.)

    I’m going to pass along your insightful and timely post – thanks!

    • Love the “intended pun”, Pamela. 🙂

      Your commentary is very poignant and I’m so jazzed you stopped by today to catch this post!

      So many entrepreneurs are looking for the address to “Easy Street”, overly anxious to take up residence there. Guess what? That address is NOT on the map. 😉

      Thanks for your generosity in passing this post along!